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Bloggaday 293 – Day Starter and Grover O. Orange

Bloggaday 293 – Day Starter and Grover O. Orange

In, I posted a quick assignment that I had to write about the smell of metal. It was titled Nostrilstruck: The Very Best of Smelly Metal. Well, I’m back with two more assignments like that. The first one is It Was Day Starter. One Way Ticket, Yeah, and I had to write a paragraph about something in my daily routine. I went off-script, but I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal.

Right after that is The Life and Times of Grover O. Orange, a sensory experience about eating an orange. This post is going to run a little long, but I don’t think they’re terrible reads.

It Was Day Starter. One Way Ticket, Yeah

It’s cold, colder than it has been the last few days… if that’s even possible. At least it’s clearer today. I can actually see the guides when they’re within ten feet of me. Yesterday though, I couldn’t even see the hand in front of my face, rather it was one of the guides’ or my own. That there had turned back a few of the climbers, but I was determined to reach the top of Everest. I know I wouldn’t be the first, but it’s still an accompli-

Eee eee eee

Wait, what was that?

Eee eee eee

The blinding white fades to utter darkness as the sound continues to blare. After a moment, I blinked into a new scene that continued to ring before I finally slapped the snooze. With a smile, I dig deeper into the blankets to continue my voyage for another seven minutes.

The Life and Times of Grover O. Orange

With the dense fruit in my hand, I look it over. Radiant oranges and submissive yellows all mesh together to dominate the expanse of its dimpled surface. Little footholds of green dot the surface, but the largest blemish carries a barcode on it. I peel the sticker off with the sound electrified plastic rattling in my ears.

After my first inspection of the orange, I take a steak knife and place it inside a ripple at the bottom of the fruit. My first cut sounds like muted paper being torn, and a perfumed fragrance overwhelms my senses and shakes my attention awake, refusing to let go.

I make two circumferential slices around the orange, leaving it with the appearance of a sun-bleached football. I make sure to give the weighted fruit a toss before take a good hold of it. With one last smells of the orange, I dig two fingers into an end and peel a strip free of the wet center. Juices splash my fingers as it gives under the pressure of my squeeze. The sound still rings of torn paper, but this time, the noise is thicker and wetter.

The new appearance of the fruit is much different than before. The orange color is much duller and is much softer to the touch. Covering much of that new surface is an eggshelled roughness. As I slice into the new layer of fruit, I realize that by now, the orange’s smell has completely engulfed the kitchen. My attention is drawn back to the fruit however by the cold juice that is running down my hand. I forego the knife and just tear a hunk of the fruit out with my bare fingers. It resists for only a moment before it gives a physical and audible wet snap that frees it from the rest of the orange.

With a chunk of the fruit finally free, I take my first bite. The taste makes good of the smell’s promise of sweetness, but it also has enough of a kick to water my eyes. While my teeth easily cut into the fruit, they can’t seem to slice through completely, so I’m left merely eviscerating the material. The white scaling refuses to cooperate with the juicy orange’s willingness to submit, but its resistance offers little real opposition as I swallow the orange.

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Grover O. Orange has a one-way ticket with the Day Starter, only on Bloggaday

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