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Bloggaday 297 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 2

Bloggaday 297 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 2

Oh, jeeze. I’m going to fail this friggin paper…

And welcome back to the Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation series of Bloggadays. Before we get into the verbose descriptions today, I want to make another little note about this paper

This is for the upper division writing class for the social sciences. These classes have their own writing center to help the students. Apparently though, you have to make an appointment 3 quarters in advance to see them. This is the second paper I’ve tried to get in there, but their appointments have been booked both times.

Anyways, onto the paper wracking my nerves!

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Immediately in the great room, the furniture falls at odds. A pair of matching couches sits a few feet from a semicircle of chairs with a completely different pattern. The couches are clad in domineering forest green squares with a scratchy and beaten tan background. The chairs on the other hand are comprised of a gritty tan and a submissive green that offers its services as an accent rather than dominating the upholstery. The stylistic confusion continues with the rest of the room. Along one wall are half a dozen dark, leather chairs. To accent these, a pair of golden ottomans sits at attention, their color reminiscent of the sands from the great empire that they share their namesake. Other groupings of chairs dot the circumference of the room to offer ample seating for both small groups and large gatherings. The larger groups though must traverse a quick trip of steps that set off their accommodations from the rest of the space. The crowning piece of furniture and at the center of it all is the great round seat. It sits in the middle of the room, forming a circle pointing its sitters outward to the rest of the population and leaving a gap of unutilized space at its epicenter.

Accompanying the surrounding chairs and odd bits of furniture is the occasional plant. The potted plants offer no more conciseness in species than the seating does. The integration of so much diversity though reflects the school’s demographics and continued unity of the student body. The entire design of the building reflects the everyday interactions of the students who use the Santos Manuel Student Union.

With nothing left of the décor to offer the eyes, one’s attention easily drifts up from the scene. That same off-white that can be seen around the building makes up the concave roof that bulges outward. A latticework of steel supports and lights connect the rolling roof with the great white pillars that sprout out at the balcony of the second floor. The seemingly chaotic design offers the support necessary to keep the building upright and safe from everything including the winds and earthquakes that visit the area so often.

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Part 2 of student observations in the Santos Manuel Student Union is up, with notes, only on Bloggaday

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