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Bloggaday 299 – Adding Color to the Gene Pool pt 2

/moviephone guy


/moviephone guy

Bloggaday 299 – Adding Color to the Gene Pool pt 2

Have you met “Bloggaday 294 – Adding Color to the Gene Pool PART !”?

So, quick story thus far:

Amongst the battlefield of hyperlinks, Bloggaday Author David Dysart has admitted to his Bloggaday Readers that his “types” are redheads and Asian women. Upon this explosive revelation, he realized that his attraction, the most basic of human motivations, may have been subliminally altered by popular culture and his choices of televised entertainment.

While he used humor, a classic psychological defense mechanism, he has promised his readers an actual refutation to this conclusion.

And now, the exciting conclusion of Adding Color to the Gene Pool

So my argument that I’m not just another subliminally mindf#@%ed American*, is that I’m not a huge Blonde guy. Hmm, perhaps I should rephrase that.**

I think we can all agree that even with the emergence of Hollywood hotty Angelina Jolie,*** according to the American media, the “perfect woman” is tall, blonde, and more than a little top-heavy. While I’m not hating on this idealized gal, it’s not really on the top of my list.

If we’re going by hair color, my preference is actually redhead, brunette, then blonde.

Enough of that though, I keep getting off-track and I don’t want this to stretch into a 3rd part. Before I go on though, I need to set the stage a little bit more. One day, I plan on having kids.

There you go, stage set. Now to reveal the meaning of this Bloggaday’s title.

As I said earlier, I’m blonde. I’m also white.**** Now I’m no biology major, but that pretty much makes me milk in the gene pool. A drop of strawberry or caramel syrup will rather drastically change the color. Now, I’m not about to go on a rant about blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m saying that I’m pretty much of the pansy of genetics. If I had kids with a nice Asian woman, the kids are going to a bit more Asian that white.*****

Now, this wouldn’t bother me, but Asian guys are really kind of meh to me. I don’t know… They just kind of bug me a little bit. The same with ginger guys. I’m just not a fan. Dah, especially longhaired hippie ginger dudes. More than a little creepy to me.****** I suppose if I had nothing but daughters, then I would be fine. I just don’t need some child of the corn coming and taking a scythe to me.*******

Well, on that note, I welcome you back to the Bloggaday.

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* Yay, more links

** Seeing as how I’m blonde and 6’2”^

*** Which honestly, doesn’t rate as high with me as she does with most ^^

**** If you don’t believe me, just challenge me to a little one-on-one in the half-court.^^^

***** Want proof? How about 8 proofs

****** I exaggerate for affect. I’m sure I would be fine with any kids from either “type”

******* One of them was a soulless ginger, right?

^ Hey, have you seen the redheaded stepchild of the Bloggaday, the Piccaday?

^^ If we’re going all facematch^^^ on the Bloggaday, I would prefer a Kate Beckinsale over a Jessica Simpson.

^^^ Or basketball for my friends who are even whiter than I.

^^^^ In the immortal standards set by Mark Zuckerberg

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