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Bloggaday 295 – SotW 28 pt 1

Bloggaday 295 – SotW 28 pt 1

Holy Diver


Ronnie James Dio

Come As You Are



Smells Like Teen Spirit



Touch, Peel and Stand


Days of the New

Chuck: Hello Blogga-

Tom: Oh my f--k--g f--k! Do we have a week of f--k--g songs for you folks!

Chuck: Come on, Tom. Language!

Tom: I’m sorry, Chuck. This was just a huge week for the Bloggaday’s music world.

Chuck: Fine, I’ll bite. What’s the big deal?

Tom: Well… … ….

Chuck: Are you okay, Tom?

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m just hyperventilating a little bit.

Chuck: Well, take your ti-

Tom: Okay, I’m good.

Chuck: So what did you want to say?

Tom: Well, you know how we pick the songs, right? Well thi-

Chuck: Actually, no, I don’t.

Tom: And you have the gull to call me unprofessional.

Chuck: Do you want to just get on with it?

Tom: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Well, to bring you, the Bloggaday Readers, the freshest possible SotW content, Bloggaday Author, David Dysart has authorized the acquisition of 3 to 4 new songs each week.

Chuck: Wait, 4 bucks a week? That’s going to get a bit pricey after a while, isn’t it?

Tom: Well, it’s not like he’s breaking the bank paying us for the SotW.

Chuck: True, but I wonder if he could get some kind of deal with iTunes for a discount. You know what? You could show some initiative and try to get that set up.

Tom: Thaaaat wouldn’t be a good idea.

Chuck: Why not?

Tom: Let’s just say Bloggaday 152 has been put to some good use.

Chuck: Jeeze, Tom. I don’t even know how my own segment goes. How am I supposed to know what some random Bloggaday is?

Tom: Well, that’s not important. The bottom line is that iTunes won’t be giving us money anytime soon. Though I suppose we could link to their place of business at the end of the SotW

Chuck: AT this point, I don’t really care. Just tell me why you were so excited.

Tom: Well, each week, we get 3 or 4 songs to act as our weekly SotW pool.

Chuck: Mhmm. We’ve been mentioning the other songs lately.

Tom: Well, usually only 1 or 2 songs are really competitive for the SotW title.

Chuck: And the other songs?

Tom: They’re basically just good songs that fit well with the contenders. Last week for example, there were 3 Ozzy songs. One of them was going to get the spot. “In A Gadda Da Vida” was added because it played well with the others. It was pulling some major odds as a song to actually win.

Chuck: And is all of this going somewhere?

Tom: Well, this week, I said screw it.

Chuck: You said screw what?

Tom: Well, I make all of the official Bloggaday pickups, so I went balls out with the songs this week.

Chuck: I don’t know if I really like where this is going.

Tom: Then maybe you should take some time and introduce this week’s Bloggaday

Chuck: Sure. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this, the 28th Song of the Week special. With me as always is Tom, and I am your host Chuck.

Tom: And that’s 500. Close us out, Chuck.

Chuck: But I just opened us up.

Tom: Well, it looks like the SotW is going multi-postal.

Chuck: Oi, I don’t think I like the sound of THAT either.

Tom: Just close us out.

Chuck: Thank you, Bloggaday Readers. Apparently we all need to come back tomorrow to find out what this spectacular news is. We will also have our song presentations as well, so it’s surely going to be a can’t-miss Bloggaday event. This is Chuck, signing out.

Tom: Thanks everybody.

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