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Bloggaday 294 – Adding Color to the Gene Pool PART !

Wow. Weird few weeks. Ever since The Second Great Trigady,* the Bloggaday has taken quite the turn. It’s been much more journal-y. What with all of the rock wall** and roller skating posts and even the odd ones like the SPF’s Nostrilstruck: The Very Best of Smelly Metal and Day Starter, have led the Bloggaday astray. But I say no MOAR!***

Finally… the Bloggaday h a s come back… to its roots

Now introducing,

Bloggaday 294 – Adding Color to the Gene Pool PART !

So I’m going lay down some 411 for you fine folks. It’s my propensity for women. More specifically, my taste or even “type” if you will. Though I’m somewhat hesitant at calling it a “type,” for I’m a waffle when comes to just about everything. By that, I mean that I tend to change my mind or preferences every few months. I think I’ve talked about this tendency of mine in a previous Bloggaday, but the number eludes me, so I’ll go with the cribnotes version of it: What I want to do jobwise, my preference in tv shows, what I do with my free time, yada yada yada tends to change every few months.

That preferential waffling extends to pretty much everything, but I can still deal with two frequent “types.”

Wow, I probably could have chopped the last 100 words out, but I said I wanted to get back to my Bloggaday roots, and that’s pretty much par for the course for my roots.****

Anyways… Onto the types and the depressing consequences.

In general, I’m attracted to redheads. I’m not sure why, but I am. I’ve once had a conversation with a friend about the role of Lucy***** in our preference of redheads. He didn’t like redheads himself, and vehemently blamed I Love Lucy. While I’m a fan of the show and redheads in general, I don’t think I can trace my preference to the show. But meh. ONTO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!

My next “type” would be Asians. I have no more idea as to where this preference came from than the whole redhead thing, but I suppose the argument could be made that I’m just a mindless drone that get’s his wants and desires from TV. I’ve had a hot and cold****** relationship with anime for a rather large portion of my life. So I would have a hard time arguing against the fact that there is a correlation to my “types” with the television shows that fundamentally make up my pop culture building blocks. Except of course the fact that I’m not a furry.*******

But wait, I have an actual argument against the PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH! I’m out of words though, so join me in a few days******** for part 2 of this post, Bloggaday 299

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* -^


*** Well…^^

**** Blah Blah Blah stream of consciousness

***** I Love Lucy (The television show, not more vague references to some anonymous woman named Lucy^^^

****** Haha, another link to squander your precious time


^ 10 posts in all

^^ The next couple of months of PWND content will be from a description paper, but meh.

^^^ And in keeping with the tradition of links of this Bloggaday…

^^^^ It’s funny because he’s red :-/

^^^^^ Because “:-( less than random random letters^^^^^)” looks better than “:-()”

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