Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bloggaday 45 – Polygamous Apple

Bloggaday 45 – Polygamous Apple
It sounds like Apple is getting polygamous. Yep, right to business for this Bloggaday. For years Apple has been exclusive to AT&T. This relationship has been beneficial for both parties. AT&T has subsidized the iPhone while AT&T gets to carry the most popular phone in the USA. iPhone holds a little over 4% of the cellphone market; that is more than any other phone. It also holds about 15% of the smart phone market.
It has been “leaked” that another Hong Kong company is producing iPhones built with the same technology that Verizon Wireless uses here in the states. Hmm, could that mean Verizon is getting a crack at carrying it? Well, I’m not the kind to speculate…
Anyways, I am curious to see the iPhone on 4Gs. I checked on the speed difference, and I found a website that said it could deliver up to 450Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. Personally, I have to call boolshwashy on that, but if it can actually deliver those kinds of numbers, that would be huge. Both personally and for business, imagine what you could do with that. I would go into detail, but I need to go do a lab report, so figure it out yourself.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bloggaday 44 – Acceptably Unconstitutional

Bloggaday 44 – Acceptably Unconstitutional

As many of you know (if I had many people who read this), Barrack Obama recently signed in the Healthcare Reform bill. While I haven’t followed it as closely as some, I’m sure I’m more knowledgeable than a lot of folks on it.
I want to bring something up before I do any research or find any opinions. This particular something is the claim that Republicans are making. From my understanding, they are calling it unconstitutional and are suing to get it repealed.
The parallel I’m going to draw is social security. Is it any more “constitutional” than this? I can’t imagine in any stretch of the word, it is. Again, I’ll do some googlenning and see the constitutional stance on both. Maybe I’ll find a few other things that are unconstitutional that are still accepted as law.
Are things that fall under this “acceptably unconstitutional” just deemed right? Maybe even as common sense? The supreme court has overturned certain principles due to “common sense” such as the tradition of people’s land ownership extended below their property and indefinitely upward. Check out the TEDTalk by Larry Lessig (I think) for more about what I’m about to say. As aircraft began to play a role in America, a couple of farmers sued because their chickens would try to fly in the plane’s direction until the chickens ran into the property wall. The Supreme Court ruled that is was “common sense” that people didn’t own the sky above their property.
I understand social security and this healthcare insurance thing are not perfectly parallel, but the government is still taking money and not even saving it for you. Meh, it is to better the lives of people, so we do it. So can we really call healthcare unconstitutional and overlook other aspects of law? Obviously, we needed healthcare reform.
For better or worse, I don’t know, but I did question the status quo a while back on my Evening on the Fireside herar -> Yay for 2 ½ year old thoughts.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloggaday 43 – My iTunes Playlists

Bloggaday 43 – My iTunes Playlists

For yesterday’s “listening to” tag, I put 4.75 down. So I now, to kill another Bloggaday, I’m going to talk about it. iTunes is set up with a rating system. Like most systems, it’s based on 5 stars. I, personally, have a corresponding playlist for each star plus a few extra.
1 starers are songs that eventually, I’ll probably just delete. There are only 10 songs in there now. 2 star songs are also pretty iffy. There’s currently 77 songs there, but I know a few of them are mistakes, so I need to go back through them. 3 star songs make up a good midriff. With 152 songs, it’s filled with songs I’ m very content with listening to (is very content any different than a little content?) Songs with 4 stars start to get a little complicated. So much so, I’m going to give it a whole paragraph
The 4 starers are broken into 3 playlists: 4 (224), 4.5 (171), and 4.75 (120). Songs in the 4 playlist, I’m happy listening to. Granted I don’t listen to it all that much. 4.5 has some really good music in it. Now 4.75 is when the music really steps up. It has some really key songs in it that really makes it shine. It’s a common playlist that’s been getting played lately.
The 5 star playlist (190) is another convoluted mess of songs. The “5” playlist is only 1 playlist, but there are additional playlists that categorize the 5 starers. Technically, there are 3 additional playlists: 0Area51 (78), 0Area52(100), and 0Area53(7). The 0 before the names is for it to show up higher on the list of playlists. Area53 is a new playlist that I really haven’t done anything with it. Area51 is the low quality 5 star songs. Area 52 is on the top echelon (to be replaced by Area53). If I’m listening to 5 starers, it’s either 5 or Area 52. The major qualifier for being a 5 starer is to have a relistenability on top being a great song.
Realistically, I need drop a few 5 starers into the 4 star playlists and visa versa. I should also probably delete 1 starers and move the 2 starers down to 1 star. Drop the 3 starers to 2 stars, drop 4.0ers into 3, put 4.5 into 4 with a few staying, and then the songs in 4.75 either split into 4.5 or upgrading up to 5 and Area51(2).
Well, that’s enough of this iTunes talk. Have a good day everybody.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bloggaday 42 – Coooaaach!

Bloggaday 42 – Coooaaach!
I’m rather depressed. I meant to title the last Bloggaday “Coooaaach!” but I flaked on it. I suppose backstory would be beneficial for this. Yesterday’s Bloggaday was about me taking a fall. “Coach!” is something I tend to say when I get hurt. I started doing it with my brother. I believe it started when we played catch, and I would fall or something go for the ball. Afterwards, it became part of my regular vocabulary, taking the place “Ohohohohooo, that hurt.” I suppose the general meaning is, “That really kind of hurt, but I’ll live. Just give me a minute.”
Despite its footballer origins, it garnered particular success during wrestling.
This particular fall came with some hushed swearing, but it wasn’t that bad. Something to laugh off. Oh well, I’m over a hundred words and I’ve successfully sucked two Bloggadays out of this fall. Woohoo
Street: 4
David: 1
In yo face street.

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My 4.75 star playlist on iTunes. Maybe I’ll Bloggaday about tomorrow. It couldn’t be any worse than this one

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bloggaday 41 – I took a fall… It Kinda Hurt

Bloggaday 41 – I took a fall… It Kinda Hurt

Alright, I took a tumble. A pretty good one at that. I was mediating a conversation on my phone and a driver. A cop was coming and I was the driver, so I dove out of the car.
No, it wasn’t quite that stupid. I wasn’t driving. I was standing on the running board while the vehicle moved at a very leisurely pace. I am safety conscious though; I was holding the hand handle thing inside the car. The problem is, when the car came to a stop, I wasn’t behind my hand hold, so I couldn’t really push against my momentum.
So the car is stopping. I’m holding the handle with one hand and my phone with the other hand. I actually hit the side view mirror, but I spin away from it. Which, I’m rather impressed that I pulled that off. So at the very least, I didn’t break the mirror.
I hit the ground and I start running. Luckily, the car wasn’t going too fast, so I actually made it a few steps in a dead sprint. Yeah, it kind of went to hell after that.
I went down. I’m not sure when I lost my phone, but apparently I initially broke my fall with my hands. My left hand got chewed up a little bit. My palm got two chunks torn out it and a few other spots. My right hand came threw pretty unscaved. This is because I rolled through to my left. My left elbow took a pretty good drag through the asphalt. Then I continued and rolled onto my upper arm and back. Luckily I had a shirt on, but it still did some damage. If I didn’t have a shirt, I don’t think I would be sitting up right now.
Also, I had put a pair of jeans on to go to dinner. That was a really good idea. I came down on hip and knee pretty good, but due to a good layer of urban up denim, I came away with just a few red areas.
I have to give some prop to my phone and iPhone case, because once I came to stop, I popped up. It’s kind of funny; one of the few moments of clarity was myself on the ground and trying to decide if I should use my left or right hand to push myself up. Anyways, I jump up up and look for my phone. The thing was way out ahead of me. So I run over to it. I make sure it’s still working and there were no cars coming. Seeing everything was good, I swore a little bit. Honestly, you could hold the phone and case and never know it was in a fall. So big props to speck and their case.
Now, after I walked back home, I took a quick video of my injuries which I’ll post up on youtube if there’s any quality to it.
So far.
Bumpy and gravelly streets: 4
David running on the street: 0
Atleast there was no rubbing alcohol involved in this lost.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloggaday 40 - The Fire Nation Cosplay Cast

Bloggaday 40 – The Fire Nation Cast

Alright folks. This is the first part of the Avatar Cast I’ve been working on. This post is just the characters from the fire nation. There are three cosplayers per character. Each of these people have tons of pictures on their profiles, so go check them out.

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Lorelei (Jenn)

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay


Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Lorelei (Diane) very funny Avatar cosplay stuff

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Neechan (Photographer)

Ty Lee

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Ashley (Amami)

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Lorelei (Emmy) very funny Avatar cosplay stuff


Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay


Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Silent J

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

Blue Spirit Bonus

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay
Jgo Factor (Bonus Blue Spirit) (Photographer)

Puppet Zuko

Avatar,The Last Airbender,Cast,Cosplay

RequiemLullaby (Honorable Mention for sheer awesomeness)*

Bloggaday 39 – I’m only doing this because pop rocks

Bloggaday 39 – I’m only doing this because pop rocks

Alright, I’m in a commercial mood. Today I’m bringing you some Rock Sugar. For a little background information. Rock Sugar is a rock band that basically performs mash-ups of rock and pop songs. Their story is rather tragic though. They were performing on a cruise ship that went down in the ocean. They managed to swim to a deserted island where they were stranded with a girl’s record collection of 80’s music. Oh, band funny.
I heard of them on Mike Schmidt’s 40 Year Old Boy podcast ( Apparently a man from Pole(star?) also listened to that episode of the podcast and started having his underlings write about them. Paramount read that, flew them to Nashville, and signed them the next day.
At this point, my exposure to Rock Sugar was this music video ( ). Very cool, but not enough to buy their CD. I listened their little clips on their website over at ( ). Again, it was cool, but nothing I would buy.
Rock Sugar actually went on The 40 Year Old Boy podcast (Mike Schmidt’s first guests) on his Year 2 finale ( ). I went ahead and pulled the three songs (Voices in the Jungle, Round and Separated, and Don’t Stop the Sandman) that they played on the podcast and I slid them into iTunes. Then came the nonstop Rock Sugar addiction I developed. In a week, I’ve played the first 18 times, the second 16 times, and the last 22 times. Well, I finally broke down and bought the CD. Now I’m hoping that the other songs are as good.

Before I give out my links, I’m going to give out these guys’s

Mike Schmidt, the 40 Year Old Boy podcast

Rock Sugar Band

Listening to

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bloggaday 38 – The Da Vinci Code of Disney Movie Rundowns

Bloggaday 38 – The Da Vinci Code of Disney Movie Rundowns

Disney Movies 4

Ugly Dachshund, The
45 years old. Wow.

Darn Cat, That
Didn’t I do this one before? Go on a string, frickin frackin, etc?

Mary Poppins
Okay, I’m going to try it.
The actual spelling
Meah, close enough

Sword in the Stone, The
Hey, I think I saw this one too. I never realized these movies were this old

101 Dalmatians (Animated)
I mean, you can’t even use the line, “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t…” when making and watching these movies.

The Absent-Minded Professor
A cliché well-used by myself, and if I become one, I’m sure it would describe myself well.

Swiss Family Robinson
But can we meet them in the future?

Sleeping Beauty
Wow, Disney Standards were rather few and far between

Shaggy Dog, The
I’m assuming this the movie Tim allen remade in.

Old Yeller
And Lassy walk into a bar. Well, long story short, Old Yeller says to Lassey, “If you liked the trail mix, I’ve got some salty nuts at home you would love to lick.”

Lady and the Tramp
A lady and a tramp walk into a bar. Well, long story short, nine months later…

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Captain Nemo trying to find a whale in 20k. Ellen DeGeneres tries to find Nemo in Finding Nemo. Ellen finds a spot on Idol. Harrison Ford steals an idol in Indiana Jones. Jim Jones was born in Indiana. Jim Jones was 24 when 20k came out. Kiefer Sutherland plays in 24. 24 deals with terrorism. Terrorists struck the Towers on 9/11. 9 + 11 = 20. 20k starts with 20. Disney supports terrorists. I hid this message deep in the Bloggaday so Disney wouldn’t find it. Spread the word.

Peter Pan
Peter Flying Fluking Freaking Pan

Alice in Wonderland
Written by a mathematician. I don’t really feel like going through a string again.


The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Hop on for a wild ride. Just wear protection, or you might get a wart or something

Song of the South
I’m currently taking a History of American Popular Music. I believe this one had the African American singing Zippa Dee Doo Da, which was racist. I often sang that with no clue of that fact.

Three Caballeros, The
My first series of book that I worked had a caballero in it. It was kind of awesome.

Looney Toon-Disney Showdowns, a new series coming to the Disney Channel this Fall. The Pilot will be Elmer Fudd and Bambi. It’ll be exciting

The mob du what it do.

I’ve never seen it, but it seems akin to 2001: A Space Odyssey

A metaphor of a boy going into manhood. Groundbreaking stuff that Disney has tried since then. They usually just get called on it nowadays.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Again, one woman living with 7 men. Very progressive. Breaking the zeitgeist with the best of them, including Freud

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The Runner by Southland

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bloggaday 37 – Fab B Speaks on… Dominoes

Bloggaday 37 – Fab B Speaks on… Dominoes

Hello again folks! I’ve got another video for you. Today, I’m going to point you to Fab B Talk on… Dominoes.
It is about Dominoes’ new and “improved” pizza they released. I had it yesterday, and it was terrible. Greasy pizza is good, but this wasn’t greasy, it was just buttery. I think the worst part was the sauce though. That was the worst sauce I’ve ever tasted.
I still ate quite a bit of the pizza though. At first, it’s not that bad, but that’s because I was hungry. Then it gets worse, but you don’t want end pizza on a bad note, so I scraped the vile sauce off, but that just didn’t help it much.
Anyways, that’s a hundred words. Peace, chicken.

Other Dominoes mentions in the video

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The Price is Right by Drew Carey

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It's Plane

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloggaday 36 – Disney Movies 3

Bloggaday 36 – Disney Movies 3

White Fang 2
I wonder if they threatened to move filming to Tampa Bay

Iron Will
Trains like Rocky

Adventures of Huck Finn, The
They were so out of ideas, they remade this?

Cool Runnings
Jamaican Bobsledders. Is it too obvious to ask which herb they were smoking when they decided to this?

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
I’m surprised they didn’t put Jonathan Taylor Thomas in this one.

Three Musketeers, The
Again, a bold move movie by Disney not going for the easy out of making them mice.

This is only my third time saying that I’m getting into movie I know.

What do you get when you mix a young (er?) Christian Bale, Disney, newspaper, and a dancing covor? This apparently.

Mighty Ducks, The
Finally, the last one of these I’ll have to see. And I feel confident that I can extend the use of the word “see” to include “watch film”

Muppet Christmas Carol, The
Disney is definitely a fan of the Christmas Carol.

Beauty and the Beast
I’ll put some truth down on this one. It made me cry when I was younger. Now, I would stop watching it even though my mom said that Beast comes back.

White Fang
I guess it could be Tampa Bay after global warming takes a whack at it. That or 2012

Rescuers Down Under, The
Buut do they bring the Thunder?

Little Mermaid, The
Have you seen the original case? I have it. Na nana anana

No girls this time? They just want to have fun

Oliver and Company
I have an excuse for not knowing this one. It literally was before my time.

Flight of the Navigator
Oh live action Disney movies.

Basil - The Great Mouse Detective
I always just knew it as The Great Detective. Good stuff though.

One Magic Christmas
I didn’t know Disney made this many live movies.

Journey of Natty Gann, The
Wow, this is actually rather amazing. I’ve never even heard of these.

Black Cauldron, The
Sounds familiar, but it didn’t have 8 sequels, so obviously, it was a horrible failure.

Return to Oz
Apparently the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion are named Tik-Tok (The object of a hit song that had sonld over 6 million units?) Pumpkinhead (The heart and soul of the horror franchise?)

Where the Toys Come From
Do they use humans when talking to their children about it?

Love Leads the Way
Odd title for Disney’s version of the Erin Brockovich

Never Cry Wolf
And here I am thinking it was a version of the story with the same name. No.

Tiger Town
Look for the much anticipated sequel coming Summer 2011. Cougar Town

Now this actually has a sequel coming out, but I’m surprised they didn’t wait to

Fox and the Hound, The
Interesting fact: Elvis Presley was not the first to sing the song, Hound Dog. Big Mamma Thornton sang it before him. He’s just crazy enough like a fox to record the cover

Last Flight of Noah's Ark. The
Robinson Crusoe meets the Bible?


Herbie Goes Bananas
You would think that the number on the “love bug” would be 69 rather than 53

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
With the drama and intrigue of Deadwood. I wonder if he has one bullet in this one too.

Black Hole, The
Better than a movie about the brown one, right?

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Pete's Dragon
And they called him… Puff

It seems Don Knotts is quite the Disney standard

Shaggy D.A., The
If my brother becomes a mountain man, this may be him in a few years.

Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Just like warm apple pie, this hits the spot

The Strongest Man in the World
I never thought Disney would endorse human, not just human but also student, testing.

Herbie Rides Again
In goes down in an exhaust of glory

Robin Hood
I’ll take this moment to bring up the Russell Crow movie coming up…

I don’t think it looks that great

At least from what I’ve seen

Now You See Him, Now You Don't
I’m actually rather impressed with Disney’s loyalty to actors *this casae being Kurt Russell again).

The Biscuit Eater
Stealing Moreover to be a pointer. Must complete against Silverbelle in a state championship. Sadly, my sentence makes sense.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Looks vaguely familiar… And racist

Million Dollar Duck, The
Does he split the duck open at the end, or does Disney not go quite that far.

The Barefoot Executive
Oooh, corporate success and dishonesty. I think I just found out what inspired our current predicament.

AristoCats, The
I think I might have saw this one

I think this actually was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
Kurt Russell as a genius named Dexter. Isn’t there a cartoon on Disney or Nickelodeon like that. Yay for 40 year old plagiarism

Love Bug, The
I must say though, Herbie is one of the few Live action Disney flicks that have become that well known.

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit
A multi-tasking business who buys his daughter a horse and names him after the item he markets. Almost too practical for a business movie.

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
With nearly half a dozen descripters, it’s one of the longest titles I’ve seen

Jungle Book, The
One of the bare necessities that every kid should watch

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The Red Serpent by Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloggaday 35 – Fab B Talk on… Healthcare

Bloggaday 35 – Fab B Talk on… Healthcare

David Dysart presents:
In association with Geko Prod
And Jabroni corp

Fab B Talk on…

You can find the very first Fab B Talks on… only at
I suppose I could offer some explanation. Fab B is a character I created for my first podcast, The Davidian Cast. I’ll see if I can scrounge up some album artwork for it. This is the only episode I know for sure I did him on – 4 The Cult of Live Love Laugh

For the first episode, Fab B talks about my visit to get a physical. It’s rather amazing how your mind wanders after waiting over a half hour in the exam room. I suppose I should clarify. Neither I nor Kaiser Permanente endorse smoking. Don’t do it kids… I mean unless you want to look, like really cool or something.
I also got a Tetanus shot and H1N1 flu shot. From my understanding, flu shots can be painful, sore, become inflamed, yadayadayada. I’m not sure which one was which, but the one in my left arm hurt like a fabulousing fabulouser, so I’m guessing it was the H1N1. I got the shot Wednesday, and today was the first day it didn’t hurt. The shot I got on my right arm did hurt at all.
The shots do remind me of an incident years ago. I don’t remember how old I was, but I went to the hospital to get a shot. I’ve never been freaked out by needles, but this nurse was terrible. She got me all worked up and freaked out. “This is going to hurt, okay?” “You may want to hold onto your dad’s (I think I went with my dad) hand.” “You have to be a big boy, alright?” All kinds of crazy shiznit like that.
Once the WOrst and Mean/Angry Nurse actually jabbed me with the needle, it wasn’t bad. It was just a shot.
Oh well, that’s enough of jabbing and poking guys with long circular things. Enjoy Fab B. I intend on doing more videos.

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An Old Flame with a New Wick by Two and a Half Men

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Davidian Cast Artwork

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bloggaday 34 – Wii Whiteboard

Bloggaday 34 – Wii Whiteboard

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out where all of my space was a ton my laptop. I found out over 80 GB was located in my iTunes folders. A big contributor was my podcast folder. My biggest space sinks were Scam School, The 40 Year Old Boy, Scott Sigler and Ted Talks.
Hey, I haven’t even watched those TED talks! So, I started going through them. The first video I watched was “Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote - Johnny Lee (2008)” I just can’t find it to give you the actuall URL, but here is the feed ad link to iTunes. and .
When my dad saw these types of setups on a television show, he loved it. I decide to do this. I looked at the walkthrough at and extrapolated my own walkthrough. The following is really just about identical to what is there, just a slightly different setup. All credit goes to them though.
I still need to go to radioshack and pick up the LED, wire, switch, and battery holder. After that, I’ll borrow a Wiimote from my niece or nephew, then I’ll give an update to how it works.

Before I get to the How to, here are some helpful links to do this yourself;cat=1

My How-to
I. Get
A. Physical
Infrared LED
Momentary Switch
Wire for Circuits
AAA Battery
AAA Battery holder
Large Highlighter
Electrical tape
Computer w/ monitor
Wire Cutter
USB Bluetooth connector (if your computer doesn’t already have one)
Exacto Knife
Needle Nose Pliers
Projector w/ board
Rubber bands
Pre-made infrared pen

B. Software
Download the Whiteboard software here
Download Bluesoleil if your computer (mac) or Bluetooth USB connector DOESN’T have Bluetooth software. Here
II. Infrared Pen construction
A. Use needle nose pliers to pull tail out and remove the innards.
B. Split the highlighter in half lengthwise. I used a good pair of scissors, but you may be able to use an exacto knife
C. Wire the LED to the switch, battery, back to LED and tape it all in the highlighter.
III. Bluetooth Connection
A. Bluesoleil
Plug in your Bluetooth connector.
Open Bluesoleil
Push buttons 1 and 2 on Wiimote
While the 4 blue lights flash
Click on the orange circle in Bluesoleil
Click the Wii icon and follow prompts
Use Bluetooth application and follow prompts
B. Open Wiimote Whiteboard application
IV. Wiimote Placement
A. Screen or small projection surface
20 inch screen
Note the Wiimote’s 45 degree angle
Halfway up the screen
8-16” off center and opposite from the hand used
3 feet back
B. Larger projection screens
Can place Wiimote on the projector
3-5 feet off center
5-8 feet back
V. Calibration
A. Open Wiimote
Hit “Calibrate”
Go through the step by activating the light at crosshairs.

Listening to
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloggaday 33 – The Second of Three Disney Movie Rundowns. I Tried to be More Clever and Involved in the Last Half of This One

Bloggaday 33 – The Second of Three Disney Movie Rundowns. I Tried to be More Clever and Involved in the Last Half of This One

Zenon: Z3
And Plan 9 from Planet H

Pixel Perfect
The seedy underbelly of photoshoot editing

Going to the Mat
The untold story of Toyota’s recalls

Finding Nemo
Now, I have seen this. Solid enough I suppose

Young Black Stallion, The
??? Never heard of it

Haunted Mansion, The
I’ve seen this. That’s about all I’m going to say

George of the Jungle 2
Anything for a buck I suppose

Freaky Friday
Remake, right? I suppose my previous statement still stands

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Good stuff. Wrote over a lot of logic to make it work, but can’t expect much more.

Lizzie McGuire Movie
Can I get her to star in Repo Men?

Atlantis: Milo's Return
I’ve seen an Atlantis movie, I even had a couple of their toys, but I don’t think this is it

??? Never heard of it

Piglet's Big Movie
It’s funny because he’s small. Wait, I think I forgot to put ‘not’ in there

Inspector Gadget 2
I remember being a fan of the cartoon

Jungle Book 2, The
Did they make a sequel to every classic 10-20 years later?

101 Dalmations II: Patch's London Adventure
Holy shi… I think they did.

Brother Bear
I know I saw commercials for this. Soembody gets turned into a bear, right?

You Wish!
??? Never heard of it

Right On Track
And Left off street

Even Stevens Movie, The
I think this is another series into a movie transition. For some reason, I’m think Shilo Lebou and the girl who did F-factor on G4 (Morgan Web?)

Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off
??? Never heard of it

Cheetah Girls, The
??? Never heard of it

Full-Court Miracle
??? Never heard of it

Air Bud Spikes Back

Rookie, The
Quentin Barns and John Tweedy. Oh yeah, I’d love to see Disney try.
You kniw what, let’s add some Disney characters like Kingdom hearts

Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Christmas
Since Disney got The Rookie, I say let Scott Sigler have this one. He already did Charlie Brown

Treasure Planet
Looks Vaguely Familiar

Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause
I was still a Tim Allen fan when I saw this

Tuck Everlasting
??? Never heard of it

Country Bears, The
I’m guessing this is based off of the attraction at Disneyland

Lilo & Stitch
Never saw

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
This is just getting sad

Return to Never Land
Wow, is it too late to get some kind of intervention together for Walt?

Snow Dogs
Little known fact: The cover has a misprint on the proportions of Little Mermaid. It was supposed to be Dawg.

Double Teamed
Come on, you know I wasn’t the first person to say that

Cadet Kelly
??? Never heard of it

Tru Confessions
??? Never heard of it

Get a Clue
I already have the game.

Gotta Kick It Up!
??? Never heard of it

Ring of Endless Light, A
??? Never heard of it

Scream Team, The
Nice, but misguided ghosts? Riveting

Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Monsters, Inc
Good stuff

Max Keeble's Big Move
Elf porn? Kickstand anybody?

Princess Diaries, The
I really don’t know what to say about this one

Spirited Away
Looks good

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
This is the one I saw

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
A favorite of my niece and nephew

Recess: School's Out
Another show I used to watch

A retelling of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the current motorcross community. It’s got a killer ending.

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
From the longwinded catalogue

Zenon: The Zequel
??? Never heard of it. The cover makes me think of

Luck of the Irish
A midget basketball player? How could it fail?!!?

Wow, I just read the synopses. It kind of made my brain hurt.

Jennie Project, The
??? Never heard of it.

Jumping Ship
??? Never heard of it. But I’m guessing the actors probably should have

Poof Point, The
??? Never heard of it.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge
I think I’ve seen this Halloweentown thing several times

Twas the Night
Not a positive review was stirring, not even that much

Emperor's New Groove, The

102 Dalmatians
Cruella could probably make a nice handbag with that extra Dalmatian. See, good things come to those who wait

Remember the Titans
I’ve got clash eyes when it comes to The Titans

Little Mermaid II, The: Return to the Sea
Mermaid Munchkins! … ?

Kid, The
The Myth, the Movie

That actually looks familiar. I know I saw the Land Before Time movies

Whispers: An Elephant's Tale
Cover kind of looks like an elephant prison.

Extremely Goofy Movie, An
Waiting for the sequel, A Very Daffy Movie
Yeah, I know, I’m working on no sleep, a cold, a new nasal spray, and H1N1 shot coupled with a tetanus shot.

Disney and Nazi’s? I’ve got to get this movie, wait, Gestapo?

Mail to the Chief
A kid is an unwitting pinpal to the president. The Bush joke is a bit too easy, huh?

Air Bud 3: World Pup

Angels In The Infield
So many sports movies.

Toy Story 2
This was actually a prediction of Y2K.

Fantasia 2000
Toy Story 2 on illicit substances

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Not a creature was stirring, not even a… what was the last word there?

H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Inspector Gadget
I saw this. I remember them breaking the 4th wall

I don’t think I saw it, but I think it was one of the more dynamically animated movies they did.

Straight Story, The
That doesn’t look like a Disney movie at ALL

Doug's 1st Movie
Hmm, I used to watch the series, but I never knew about a movie

My Favorite Martian
I think I might have actually of seen this, but Marvin will always be my favorite Martian

The link is broken. Ironic, huh?

Smart House
Hey, it’s a tape oddity. Oh, space odyssey on Disney crack

Bugs Life, A
See, now we’re getting into my Disney age. Didn’t this movie have bloopers and a guy playing checkers with himself?

Lion King II: Simbas Pride, The
Oops, spoke too soon. I didn’t even know they made a sequel to this. I guess it’s good to know that Disney was selling out when I was young too.

Mighty Joe Young
Little known fact: The original script was a groundbreaking homosexual love story a la broke back mountain about Joe Montana and Steve Young of the 49ers

I'll Be Home for Christmas
Jonathan Taylor Thomas said he left Home Improvement to go to college. He left and made this movie…

Air Bud: Golden Receiver

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
Is Europe the New World to her, or is she a time traveler

Parent Trap, The (new)


My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Super Sleuth Christmas
It’s amazing how Edward Bear, a character Disney didn’t create is so much of cash cow for them

Meet the Deedles
Under a steeple, yelling, “Wee,” while kneeling and being He Men.

Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, The
A suite is much better than a suit

Knight In Camelot, A
A Whoopi in a castle hundreds of years ago. I’m guessing the assumption would make her a Moore from Northern Africa. Which makes her Muslim. I’m guessing the castle would have been catholic. Didn’t the Catholic hate the Muslims so much that they started something called the Crusades?

Mr. Magoo
They so should have had this guy play in Snakes on a Plane or atleast an Airplane parody of it.

Hey, another movie I saw and have no real recollection of!

Hmm, how do I copy and paste again? It amuses me though. When I was in… I would say… hmm… I’m just going to say elementary school some time, we had an educational traveling production come to my school. I was in a private, Christian school and they used a Greek background to teach us about water conservation and things like that. Well, before they started, they gave us all the disclaimer that they were going to use the term ‘gods’ and for us to not be offended. It was rather funny actually.

George of the Jungle
Wait a minute. Brendan Frasier played a caveman. Then he played a slightly more advanced jungle man. Frasier… Frasier Crane was a character in Cheers, not a bartender, but a bar man. Then he was a slightly more advanced city man when he got his own show where they focused on his education. Oh my gosh, its all an elaborate rouse to promote evolution!

Darn Cat, That
Darn? Well Shimany Crickets. Fudgsicles. Shut the front door. Cheese and crackers. Pig humping, son of a beach

Air Bud
… I said I wouldn’t comment on these movies anymore, but since this appears to be the original, I would like to take this time to say

Angels in the Endzone
This was a rather eye-opening revelation as to how manysports movies Disney has made

Muppet Treasure Island
I just figured the muppets out. They are old, unsuccessful movie stars. After their prime and with no regular work, they throw themselves into charity work, sponsored by their old movie studio.

101 Dalmatians
College-level class about dogs?

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
Did this have a happy ending? I never saw it

D3: The Mighty Ducks
The 3D Tim… Sorry, I’m no good at anagrams

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
Sports and dogs. Disney’s money makers

James and the Giant Peach
Tim Burton without Johnny Depp? Liars!

Toy Story
This was pretty slick when I was young.

Tom and Huck
I never saw this in the last 15 years, a trend that will likely continue for another 15. I imagine I’ll renew the contract then

Big Green, The
You wouldn’t like this movie if you were angry

Kid in King Arthur's Court, A
“Calvin must learn to become a swashbuckling hero who fights villains and rescues damsels in distress. The only problem is Calvin is really just a regular ole kid from California who knows nothing about sword fighting and Camelot!”
How has this not become a standard with the prestige and sequels like Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

Operation Dumbo Drop
Can the star power of Danny Glover (of the Saw and Predator 2 fame), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, Hannibal, and Blow), and Denise Leary (Rescue Me, Suicide Kings, and writer of Merry F#%$in’ Christmas) fail in a Disney Movie?

When does she get her gold coin?

Goofy Movie, A
You get it? Because the main character’s name is Goofy. Oh Disney, why no more terrible pun titles?

Heavy Weights
Wow, fat camp? I didn’t know Disney tackled such heavy social issues. Pun intended. Ooo. Bun, Cinnabun… Oooo

Lion King, The
Okay, I think I’me finally getting into the staples of my childhood Disney. I would have been five when this came out. Though my brother and sister got a considerable amount of amusement from my rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh). It turns out, you are not supposed to in fact sing, “A winnar wack, a winnar wack.”

Santa Clause, The
Again, a good childhood movie.

Angels in the Outfield
Didn’t I just do Angels in the Outfield? Oh wow, that was endzone. I knew of this one, but not that one.

D2: The Mighty Ducks
Woo hoo, the last one. I don’t have to comment on a Mighty Ducks movie. Stay tuned for the last Disney Movie runthrough. If I can manage to read through them today or tomorrow, it’ll be the next Bloggaday.

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The second of three Disney movie rundowns

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bloggaday 32 – An Avatar Cast Update

Bloggaday 32 – An Avatar Cast Update

Alright, so the cast of the Avatar Fan Cosplayer Cast is locked and messages are being sent out. I’ve got messages sent out to the, I guess evil half of the cast? I’ll try to get the other messages out today.
It’s rather amazing though. My current release schedule is to post the pictures and information of the antagonists next Friday. The protagonists would be the week after that. Then the Friday after that will be the entire cast all nicely presented. That last week include something I’ll put up on youtube, and if I feel like dealing with, on the DJ Show podcast. I should probably add something to deviantart and theotaku.
Yep, I’m milking this project for as many daily blogs I can. I had actually intended to do another Disney Movie Rundown today, but I was rather surprised at the fact I have already received messages back. I have, of course, made an idiot of myself. My imbecility knows no ends, even when I do my best due diligence.
Honestly though, I didn’t think I would get responses very quickly. I figured by next week when I post the first half of the cast, I would be lucky to get a quarter of my messages responded to. But as I went on to , it actually tells you the last time the people were on. A vast majority had actually been on that day. Half of those who weren’t, had been on very recently, and the rest (I think 2) hadn’t been on in the last month or two. So it wouldn’t shock me if I get responses from a majority of the cosplayers by the time I actually start putting production value into this.
To beef up my wordcount, I’m actually going to post the form letter I sent out. All I had to do was address it with my best known name and who the cosplayed as and what links I plan on providing to credit them. Rather simple

Hello ,
My name is David, and I’m putting together a fancast of The Last Airbender comprised of cosplayers. When I came across your , I wanted to add it. The cast will go on my daily blog as well as youtube as some sort of image collage. I am writing to ask your permission to use your photos in this. I do not know how long it will take to receive permission from the people I am contacting, so if for some reason you wish to not be included and I have already posted the content, I will remove your portion of it.
Thank you for your consideration and great cosplaying. I will credit you with the following links and name. If you would like any of this information to be changed, removed, or some additional information included, please let me know and I will update my citation. You can reply to this message or email me at Have a great day.

Since that is 500 words, I’ll say goodbye until tomorrow.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bloggaday 31 – More Fun with BDSM

Bloggaday 31 – More Fun with BDSM

So on Bloggaday 18, I introduced you all to the fun of BDSM, a Tshirt that I recently got. I’ve included pictures of the front and back his time round. If you want information on the shirt, you can follow this link to Bloggaday 18 and even read the limerick I wrote that inspired the shirt.
The shirt itself is a little small on me, but I’ll live. If you include the hand made version, I’ve only worn to school. Even that has encountered fun time. I wore it to a presentation in my human sexuality class. It was a group presentation, so when someone in the class pointed it out and I went through the shirt I disrupted like 5 other people :).
I’ve had two teachers (the first of which was my creative writing teacher, so this was in response of the poem, not the shirt) not know what BDSM was. Oh how the hilarity ensued. We went over the poems in class, so it was like 15 or 20 college students and one teacher trying to get a definition of what it was. The second teacher came up to me in class and asked about the shirt. I read the front and back to her, to which she responded, wouldn’t corn be more clever? (I’m not 100% positive on the wording, but that was the gist). Only a couple of students were privy to this conversation which ended with saying she was going to go to her fiancé and have him explain it.
I still think the best response was from a student though. It was a girl I sat by in English. We talked in class, and when I came in with the shirt, she didn’t reference it, but she started on a line questions asking if I was vegetarian, do I eat boco burgers, etc… Now, I am not a vegetarian, nor do I eat boco burgers, so she finally asked why I was wearing the shirt. I told her it more of asexual joke on BDSM. Now her response is much funnier in the context of actually knowing her and her way of speaking, but if it rivals me and a hot rocker chick explaining it to an older teacher, then I was highly amused at the situatino. She said, "That's that kinky sex, right?" I know on paper it might not look like much, but it was very very funny. I hate to use such a BS expression as "You had to be there," so I won't.
I'll be sure to update future bloggadays if I get any other great reactions. I'll be at the hospital today to get a physical, so whackiness may ensue.

Happy St. Patty’s Day

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bloggaday 30 – A List in Disneyland

Bloggaday 30 – A List in Disneyland

Alright, I am going to go see Alice in Wonderland in a little bit. 2nd 3d movie evar FTW. I figured I would give a run down of Disney movies in… honor? Horror? Hope? Meah. Comments are made on each. This is part 1 because there are a lot of Disney movies apparently

Alice In Wonderland
I’m hoping it is good

Prince of Persia : Sands of Time
I never played the game, and I’m not sure about Gyllenhaal as the lead, but I am still rather excited about the possabilities

Toy Story 3
I saw the first, pretty sure I saw the second one, I even saw the cartoon, but never this one.

Star Struck
??? Never heard of it.

Sorcerer's Apprentice
??? Never heard of it, but I can’t imagine it looks worse than the vampire apprentice. I guess I’ll find out in a minute if Disney made that one too.

Race to Witch Mountain
Meh, had the Rock in it. Only reason why I allowed myself to get talked into seeing it. They came out with a really fun iPod game though, so it’s all good

Hannah Montana: The Movie
???. Ignorance is bliss on this one. I heard her and Billy Ray were trying to screw Disney to get out of their contract.

I want to see this, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. One of my sociology teacher’s favs though

Space Buddies
This is almost as depressing to see (that it was made, not to actually watch) as Twilight.

All I know is my niece was quoting this movie so much that one might havethough that one of the gerbils was willing to Fear Factor some graving for some cat nip.

Hatching Pete
??? Never heard of it.

Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too
I’ve seen Winnie the Pooh, but I was never a big fan

Princess and the Frog, The
Disney’s attempt at being ethnically equal-minded seemed likely to be a bit racist, but I never saw it. My mom did take my niece to see some fancy production of it where they had actresses dressed up like the princesses.

I’ve heard good things and I’m sure I’ll see one day. In fact, this is going to “movies to see” doc.

Princess Protection Program
??? Never heard of it.

Old Dogs
Hey, that Wild Hogs was successful, let’s make a crappier version of it. Never saw it.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
Alright, I know I’ve seen a Tinker Bell Movie, but I don’t know if this is it. The one I saw had a lightning bug in it. Again, my touchstone is my niece.

A Christmas Carol
Never saw it but probably will someday

Santa Buddies
Ugh, never saw it, and I am rather please with myself about that fact

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
Out of all the Disney I saw last weekend, this show was my least favorite. Never saw the movie though

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Good books, good movies

High School Musical 3: Senior
I went to the theatre when this came out, but they ran out of bullets at the ticket stand so I went home, and you know, didn’t commit suicide. Hmm, that joke doesn’t work if it never made it to the theatre.

Wall E
Good movie, I enjoyed it

College Road Trip
Sigh, this paycheck was hard to watch in the 12 second spurts it got in commercial time
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
The only Hispanic animals I enjoy are voiced by a Reno cops or sell allergy meds

??? Never heard of it.

Camp Rock
I believe this is where the Jonas Brothers came from so I can credit it for a good Southpark episode

I’ve seen most if not all of it. Did Owen Wilson voice the dog, or did he just do Cars?

Tinker Bell
Again, I’ve seen one of these

Little Mermaid III - Ariel's Beginning
Aparently I missed the second one

Bedtime Stories
I’ll just link you to this . I’m sure it’s better

Cheetah Girls, The: One World
??? Never heard of it.

Snow Buddies
Just imagine the Indian in front of the wrecked land, and you see my soul

Meet the Robinsons
I’ve seen a lot of this but not all. Solid enough from what I saw.

Goal! 2: Living the Dream
??? Never heard of it.

Jump In!
??? Never heard of it.

Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board
??? Never heard of it.

Bridge to Terabithia
It’s been a while, but if memory recalls, it was good and quite sad at one point

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Again, what happened to 2?
Never saw this or the cartoon

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
As a whole series, fun even if it did go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy off the deep end. Much <3 for Barbosa
Never saw it, but it I doubt I would have minded it too much.

Game Plan, The
Why does the Rock do nothing but kids movies? I didn’t go see this one

I’ve seen a little bit of the movie, but not much. I am a fan of Amy Adams though.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Never saw it

High School Musical 2
This time I had the bullet, but was dependent on renting the gun from the theatre. They were all out for cleaning though.

Twitches Too
Never saw it, but I think I used to watch the show they were on

Secret of the Magic Gourd, The
??? Never heard of it.

Shaggy Dog, The
Oh Tim Allen, how far hath thou fallen?

Eight Below
Never saw it, again, happy with that decision

Wild, The
Nope, didn’t see this

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
More reasonable than 3

The last Wallburg movie I saw, he was shooting at Viking gods or something

Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Not one I saw

Good Movie, not great

Bambi II
Let’s Eat Bambi, coming soon to Paperview*
*Joke courtesy of Two and a Half Men

Glory Road
Disney made a bunch of sports movies? Why? Not exactly capitalizing on the Space Jams craze

Fox and the Hound 2, The
Don’t think I ever saw 1

Brother Bear 2
I offer you déjà Vu

High School Musical
Metal plate courtesy of the movie theatre having both, the gun and a bullet, but I was the missing link one this one
Return to Halloweentown
??? Never heard of it.

Cheetah Girls 2, The
??? Never heard of it.

Cow Belles
You know, I have a script for this movie, but I never filled it

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
Oh ho ho. This just sounds terrible. I mean wow, wait Wu? I almost want to watch it.

Read It And Weep
??? Never heard of it.

Air Buddies
I’m not commenting on these anymore. I’m channeling my inner Pete Seeger. And no, I’m not a Communist either. I

Herbie Fully Loaded
Did you google Pete Seeger yet? Don’t worry, I’m going anywheres

Chicken Little
Seen it, liked the ending. If I remember I’ll try to add a picture from it to the end

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
See Prince Caspien

Buffalo Dreams
??? Never heard of it.

Now You See It
??? Never heard of it.

Kronk's New Groove
Never saw, but I imagine the Tick

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie
??? Never heard of it.

Sky High
I have a mild wanting to see the Incredibles, but not this

Ice Princess
??? Never heard of it.

Pacifier, The
Poor guy, he never saw the Rock coming. It probably shouldn’t have had that eye operation in jail.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie
Never question Disney’s ability to drain a franchise dry

Lilo and Stitch 2: Stich Has a Glitch
The urge to see 1 wasn’t good enough for me to see it, definitely wasn’t enough to see the secondone

??? Never heard of it.

Proud Family Movie, The
??? Never heard of it.

Life is Ruff
Oh, did you see what they did there? That pun? Hahahaha

Go Figure
??? Never heard of it.

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
I’ve seen a little bit of the series, wasn’t too impressed. Ron Stoppable probably would make for a good porn name though.

Once Upon a Mattress
Ron Stoppable and Jenna Haze in
Once Upon a Mattress
And Once in the Kitchen

Sure, she has a horse face, but she was the first to come to mind

Incredibles, The
Oh snap, fighting pun with pun.
I would have like to have seen it, but I haven’t even though I think there is a dvd like twenty feet from me. One day

Lion King 1 1/2, The
??? Never heard of it.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
??? Never heard of it.

National Treasure
I’ve seen way too much of this movie

Mulan II
I don’t think I even saw the first one

Howl's Moving Castle
Very cool even though it’s been a while

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
??? Never heard of it.

Three Musketeers, The (Animated)
I haven’t seen it, but anthropomorphized candy bars? Count me in.

Around the World in 80 Days
That last one would have been funnier if they were counts. Never saw this one though

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo
??? Never heard of it.

Home on the Range
??? Never heard of it.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
??? Never heard of it.

Come on Disney, enough with the sport movies

Teacher's Pet
I believe it is based on a cartoon, but I’ve never seen either

Stuck in the Suburbs
??? Never heard of it.

Tiger Cruise
Shipping of Tiger Woods and Tom Cruise?

Halloweentown High
Leaving on a mysterious and high note. Never seen it

See you on the next Disney runthrough

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloggaday 29 – B1C1 The Boy in the Boulder Part 1

Bloggaday 29 – B1C1 The Boy in the Boulder Part 1

A while ago, a posted a tweet herar \/
Concept art for #TheLastAirbender. The Watertribes were antagonists in the movie, slated for a #2012 release date.

I thought it clever, so I started writing it. Here is the first 500 words of it

The Shwailing Lizard marched through gravel that would have begun cooking the scampering feet of animals from any of the other nations. The Heat Bowl though, had a way of toughening animals… and people beyond the usual Fire Nation resilience.
The Heat Bowl had also put Sokka through that same toughening. He stalked through his own shadow with the lizard oblivious to his nearly freezing shadowing of it. A step quickened his pace. Another step brought dinner so much closer. A quick sprint and he launched off of a boulder’s wall, jumping for it. He dove with his sword slicing through the air before him as the wind tore in heated waves at his face.
The beast ripped around to meet him, but a blast of flame swallowed it in a swarm of heat. As he crashed to the earth, the flame swept itself to extinction, and he rolled through the heat.
Sokka came up from the roll with his sword swept back and boomerang tracking for an attacker. He fell to his knees as his sister stood through the blurring waves of heat with a charred stick. “Katara!” he cried. “You just destroyed dinner with your stupid magic fire!”
The girl poked at a blacked lump barely the size of her hand and said, “Dinner? There wouldn’t have been enough to carry him if you actually managed to hit this one.”
With a swipe, Sokka batted away her stick and cupped the once mighty foe. “Meat shrinks when you cook it, and what you did was way more than cook it.” A breeze managed the maze that the siblings had created and carried the lizard away, scattering it among the sands.
Black soot still caked Sokka’s hand. Katara sneaked with lungs full, but a rock caught her eye. It began trembling before blossoming into a full bounce. She let the air out with a point.
“What?” he slumped to the direction. As he watched the rock, a rumble began to add symphony. “We’ve got to go.”
Eye contact tethered them for the moment of personal silence before they started in a sprint. Katara spared a sideways glance back but screamed away from the view. A herd of Caline Rhinos tore at the dirt behind them. Her glance put them at a couple of dozen, but her view barely came to their heads, and the bulk of their bodies flared out from that.
The rumble grew as they ran through the valley. Through the exhaustion, Sokka managed to spill out a string of well-paced words. “Katara… we’ll have to… jump down the… bluffs…”
The cut in the valley wall came to them almost exponentially. Dirt sprayed them from the herd as they leapt for the gap. They tumbled down the outer wall of the Bowl. The fall continued as they struggled to grab for purchase before the ground leveled and they collapsed to the ledge.
As the siblings pulled themselves up, the trampling remained to add to the pounding of their head.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bloggaday 28 – The Dynamic Finish of the Shirt Saga

Bloggaday 28 The Dynamic Finish of the Shirt Saga

When I started the Piccaday 4 weeks ago, I wanted to stretch out my unique pictures. The pictures, however, are of my face and a tiny bit of the shirt I’m wearing. So, for two weeks, I dug deep into my closet and wore a new shirt everyday. As the two weeks came to a close, I realized I would not be able to keep the trend going, so I decided to repeat the trend by wearing the shirts again for the next to weeks. It all seems to be a distant nightmare now. Also, I wouldn’t read the last paragraph if you haven’t watch Cowboy Bebop and have an urge to do so.
But I would not allow for this storybook ending. Halezno. I am the author of my own fate, and I’m laying down devastating lines right now. At the end of week 2, I wore my Monopoly shirt that has the miser with empty pockets and ‘broke’ written under him. For those of you who cheated and checked the piccaday or went to the bottom of this post before reading it, then you know that I didn’t show my shirt in this picture.
Le gasp, what shirt am I wearing? Did spike die at the end of Bebop? What did the three lights mean at the end of No Country for Old Men? Was Stairway to Heaven written to be a groundbreaking social commentary?

See You Space Cowboy…

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bloggaday 27 – Ty Lee, Master of Pink Panther Style

Bloggaday 27 – Ty Lee, Master of Pink Panther Style

Still shaking it up here at Bloggaday. I haven’t drawn anything lately, well that was true before yesterday. My niece and nephew were drawing, so I decided to do some myself, terrible as it came out. That means though, I get to shamelessly plug my Deviantart and theOtaku accounts. The former being herar, and the latter being therar As you can see, I enjoy myself some Avatar fanart. I’ve been in an Avatar kick for the last year or so. I’ll move on when I find something else I suppose.
So anyways, back to current days. I drew this yesterday. Reference picture herar Now, had I just drawn it, I would have been happy with the piece, probably ecstatic since I can’t draw like that, but with a reference, meh, it should have been better. I’ll add some color to the next one I do.
The final piece is at the end, to see the couple of WIP pics I have, go herar (

Stay tuned to a special twist ending tomorrow. After 4 week of build up, the shirt saga culminates in an explosive finale. You’ve got to be shirting me!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloggaday 26 – Stimuli and Serenity

Bloggaday 26 – Stimuli and Serenity

Alright, to actually compile a cosplay cast of Avatar, whoops, The Last Airbender, I spent more than a considerable amount of time combing It was always very relaxing though. I do believe I figured out why.
I’m a very go-go-go kind of person. I don’t like doing nothing. I’m not usually the lay in bed just for the sake of doing nothing. I also tend to bombard myself with stimuli. I usually have the TV going or at the very least, some music. Again, I usually do something else while I watch TV or Music. It’s just playing in the background, even when I’m doing homework. There are only a couple of shows that I just sit and watch. Granted, I’m not terribly productive, but I usually do something.
Back to the matter at hand. I usually watched Dirty Jobs when I was going through, and I would just zone out. That seemed to always be the case. I think it offered my noggin some downtime. So again, very relaxing.
I think this is also why I enjoy showers. I often get struck with brilliance or come up with groundbreaking literary ideas when I’m in there. Both situations force me to stop the stream of stimuli that I am compelled to propagate in my everyday life. Perhaps I should take up meditating and keep it up for more than two tries. Meh, theorizing. I’m off to my research group at Crafton.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bloggaday 25 – Shaun of the Sociological Perspective of Issues

Bloggaday 25 Shaun of the Sociological Perspective of Issues

As you may remember, I had to write a paper yesterday for a class yesterday. Hmm, that may not be the most memorable part of yesterday’s Bloggaday 24. Yay for BSing a paper. On a sidenote, today is going to be a d’oh (day of hell). Here is the paper

Movie Content Analysis
In 2004, Shaun of the Dead, a zombie spoof movie came out staring Simon Peg as Shaun and Nick Frost as Ed. Despite the humorous nature of the movie, it still encompasses several social issues. We can see it dealing with alcohol use, family dynamics, unemployment, work, and aging.
The earliest and one of the most prominent issues in the film is alcohol. The very beginning of the movie is set in the Winchester bar. The movie takes this setting and introduces the characters. Shaun, the lead; Liz, the girlfriend; Ed, the best friend; and Dianne and David as the girlfriend’s friends. The film shows how prominent alcohol is in the lead character’s life as he and the Liz fight about how much time they spend in the Winchester among other problems in their relationship. After he fails to get seats at a restaurant for their three-year anniversary, Ed suggests to him, who then suggests to her that they should go to the Winchester for their anneversary. When Liz breaks up with Shaun, she tells him that “If I don't do something, I'm going to end up going into that pub every night for the rest of my life like the rest of those sad old fuckers, drinking myself to death and wondering what the hell happened.” Interestingly, during the course of the movie, Shaun and Ed go to the Winchester every day. After Shaun and Liz had broken up, he and Ed go immediately to the bar and drink. Ed even goes so far as to advise Shaun to take the next day and do nothing but drink. Once the outbreak finally affects the two main character’s lives, they decide to rescue Shaun’s mom and girlfriend and hide out at the Winchester, which offers a venue for Ed to smoke (an activity already demonized earlier in the movie). Even when the main character tries to use alcohol in a beneficial manner, using it to start a fire and create a barrier between them and the zombies, it literally backfires on them. The last of their bullets were on the bar where Shaun started the fire and begin firing.
Along with alcohol, issues with the character’s getting older and being stuck in a regressed state are strewn throughout the film. When Shaun and Ed are together, the two regress into immature guys. Shaun’s roommate even says that they are not in college any more, and that he needs to get his life together. The contrast between the two and Shaun’s roommate is best shown after Shaun and Liz break up. After getting drunk, Shaun and Ed go home and play their records at 4 in the morning. The roommate comes in and explains to them that it’s Sunday, not Saturday, and that work is in four hours. All of this comes as the main character is 29, a far cry from college days. This point is shown in the middle of the movie. After they rescued Shaun’s mom and girlfriend, his father-in-law turns into a zombie in the backseat with Shaun. When he tries to escape, he’s locked in because of the child locks. Despite Ed being out of the car, he froze and couldn’t open the door. Only when Shaun’s girlfriend gets out, does she open the door. As Shaun overcomes obstacles in the movie, he seems to win this battle of regression.
This battle of age continues and presents itself with the jobs, or lack thereof, of the main characters. Ed is unemployed except for selling the occasion bit of pot (something Shaun’s roommate did in college). Liz is head of English at a school. Shaun is working at an electronics store, the oldest employee there among teenagers. This point is reinforced when he meets an old friend who just bought a house, and when she asked him what he did now, she mentioned the last time she saw him, he was working at some electronic store.
Along with the age aspect of the movie, it also deals with family relationships throughout the movie. The most prominent and evolutionary relationship in the movie is between Shaun and Liz. Shaun starts the film very codependent on Ed, but as Shaun evolves through the movie, this relationship switches to him and Liz. The turning point in these relationships was when Liz opens the child lock door on the car. Increasingly, Ed plays less and less of a role in future zombie attacks, allowing Liz to take the role. Towards the beginning of the movie, Shaun also has a very loose relationship with his mother. His father-in-law tries to motivate him into being a better son. Until his father-in-law dies, Shaun remains very resentful of him. Just before he passes, Shaun has a revelation though and changes his mind. He also moves closer and closer to an unconditional love of his mother as the movie plays out.
We can see that the maker of the movie sees these afflictions and incapacities of dealing with life affecting everyone in life. The zombie plague itself is this in society. Towards the beginning of the movie, when these problems are affecting him the most, Shaun is seen repeatedly shambling and moaning. At the end of the movie, he is seen shambling again, but it is coupled with moderation. His girlfriend even suggests going to the Winchester, but the bar and alcohol is simply a part of the day, not the entire day or end of the day. He even plays videogames with a zombified Ed in the shed. He is successful in taking aspects of his life and compartmentalizes them. Ed as a zombie acts as one of these compartments. Other aspects of his life are adult in nature.
Many comedy movies, especially ones that are spoofs of other movies tend to be rather shallow. Shaun of the Dead does not fit this mold. Using humor, the movie deals with several issues facing society today. Among other things, it deals with alcohol use, aging, unemployment, work, and family dynamics. It deals with these problems very fluently and intellectually.
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