Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bloggaday 10 – Yay, Not Screwed

Bloggaday 10 – Yay, not screwed

Go to the end for the tl:dr version
Boring personal stuff I promised you a couple of days ago is replacing this week’s edition of PWND. I know you don’t remember, but on Sunday I wrote “The last AvatarJourney this week. Saved the best for last. Week 2 will probably start off with how good and properly screwed I probably am. Something I just learned 20 minutes ago. Yay” Well, as it turns out, I’m not screwed, so yay.
Now to the even more boring details. This Spring semester marks my last semester at Crafton Hill’s Community College. Starting Fall, I head off to big boy college. I currently have submissions or applications or whatever you call them at 3 Cal State Universities: San Bernardino (I don’t know my status), Humboldt (I’ve already been tentatively accepted), and Sonoma (my fear of being screwed).
Now, it’s not that I thought Sonoma was screwing me; I was just in a rough situation with them that involved a rock and their chiseled abs.
Each school handles the situation of applications differently. I sent my transcripts to CSUSB like a month after I applied and I still haven’t heard anything from them. Humboldt has been a constant stream of email and snailmail. I sent transcripts to them in early February AFTER they already tentatively accepted me based on the information I provided. Both of these colleges sent me either an email or actual mail requesting my transcripts.
Sonoma gave me a password and username to log into their site for me check for future communications. I checked this site quite frequently, but nothing ever changed, so my visits became much more sporadic. I decided Sunday to check, and sure enough, transcripts were due the day before. Schizenhower. I had been working under the presumptions of my previous experience of mail-requested transcripts and/or tentative acceptance before transcripts were sent (since Sonoma is closer to the size of Humboldt than San Bernardino). Oops, my bad.
I sent the reviewer of my application an email in regards to my booboo on Sunday. I called her Monday at about 10:00 and got her voicemail that says she’s in the office today. After leaving her a message, I called back at 1 or 2. This time, I listen a bit more to her message and realize she’s not in the office, so I leave her another quick message. I proceed to call 3 of their other application reviewers and get voicemails on each of them. I call the manager of their applications office, yet another voicemail. I call their inquiry number. They send me to the admissions office. Admissions office transfers me to my reviewer (who is out). I hang up and go back through the channels and tell admissions office lady my reviewer is out. She said oops, she’s sick. Yadayadayada for Monday, but I do get a call from a reviewer who said it’ll probably be okay to send them in late, and I sent them in when I went to school. Tuesday I try my reviewer again, but she’s still out. I get an email from my reviewer today, and she tells me to get my transcripts in ASAP. So, again I offer you a hearty yay.

Too long, didn’t read version. I didn’t get my Sonoma State University transcripts in by the deadline, but my reviewer will still accept them.

P.S. Fullerton University has instituted a policy that if you are coming from outside their community college district, you need to meet the current impacted, elevated gpa of 3.8 as opposed to the in-district students who only need a 2.0. It also sounds like this going to be for all of the CSU’s, but Fullerton got 20,000 applications for only 3,500 seats. Not a big deal to me, because I have a gpa higher than that. I want to say something… It’s on the tip of my tongue. Palindromic in nature and has a “y” and an “a” in it.

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