Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggaday 8 – Vanity and Denim

Bloggaday 8 – Vanity and Denim
One thing I like to bust women on is the way pants are sized. For the non-American folks (who I have no clue how clothes are sized), if you buy clothes for men, they are labeled in inches. Women, on the other hand are sized in numbers much smaller than an inch.
But, guys are just as vain. At least companies try to make guys feel good. Clothes for men tend to read a couple inches smaller than they actually are. I would give you all examples from my own closet, but I’m lazy. Also, that vain thing. Hay! Sloth and Pride all in one post. I only got wrath in on the first PWND edition ( of this bliggity bloggaty. Instead of giving you spoiled random bastards another 350 words, I’ve got some videos streaming that I have to tend to. Ha, Lust. 3 for 1! That’s one of the videos by the way.

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