Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bloggaday 7 TheAvatarJourney – Sokka

The last AvatarJourney this week. Saved the best for last. Week 2 will probably start off with how good and properly screwed I probably am. Something I just learned 20 minutes ago. Yay

Bloggaday 7 TheAvatarJourney – Sokka

Is loving this earth kingdom bag

@ katara Do you know where I’m going?

@ katara Business, the island of nonya. Hahahaha

Earth rumble 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great seats at ER6!!!!!111!!

Boulder, boulder, Boulder!

Boooo Fire Nation Booooooo

Give it too him Boulder!

@Aang Best. Moment. Ever.

Be vewy vewy quiet. We’re hunting flying boar

Great FOOD!

Look for The Boulder’s Signature on eBay.

@Toph Wow


We started the day off in the market where I found this great bag. Right away I knew I had to have and bought it. Geez, it’s great to be a guy. I was in and out. It probably would have taken Katara an hour to decide if she was going to buy it.
We just walked around the market for a while until I spotted a bending school for Aang. I swear, if it weren’t for me, Aang and Katara would just wander aimlessly for the rest of their days.
To Wong Foo was a great teacher, he even promised Aang that he would make him a higher belt just for signing on for classes. I just don’t know why Aang didn’t stay with him (I think it was because his students knocked him on his butt. Aang really is a prideful kid).
Once we left there, we heard about EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we went to EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we got good seats to EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we saw The Boulder at EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… The Boulder was awesome, even if he did get beat by a buff girl. But guess who beat that girl? I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I walked out of the arena with the belt around my waist.
Despite my awesomeness, I can’t teach Aang earthbending, and he was certain that this girl would be his teacher. So we scoured the city looking for her before I got us a lead that she was the daughter of a wealthy family. Naturally, I formulated a plan to get on their premises, but Aang was too loud and got us kicked off. Luckily, my plan B was even better, how could they say no to accepting the Avatar?
We had the greatest meal ever, but afterwards, Aang went and got himself kidnapped along with the girl, did I mention that her name was Toph? Well, Sokka to the rescue. I put up the gold pieces and we went to rescue them. Those jerks would only let Toph go though, so I let her distract the earthbenders while I let Katara help me rescue Aang.
I’ve got to say, Toph has some game, it was just a shame that I had to take her belt from her (which I decided to give back to her later).
Well, as we were about to leave that little bending city behind, Toph decided to come along with us. Frankly, I think she has a crush on me. I just hope I don’t break the kid’s heart.

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