Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bloggaday 4 TheAvatarJourney Preview - Katara

Bloggaday 4 TheAvatarJourney Preview
The next four days will be the four characters from Avatar The Last Airbender. I won’t usually do this, but this is from the episode The Blind Bandit halfway through the second season, so it will be a long time before this gets posted in the TheAvatarJourney. I’ll make a post for that later. Today’s Bloggaday is Katara and is the baseline of the episode. No real personality or slanted views in her blogs. It also includes her twitters/facebook updates.


@ Sokka sigh. And they say women are bad when it comes to shopping

@ Sokka I don’t know, where are you going?

@Sokka That’s not even how the joke goes!

Somebody kidnapped Aang and Toph.

@Toph Wow


I was having another boring off day. My brother jut kept going back and forth on this stupid bag. He finally got the bag.
Some shady guy gave us a coupon for a master earthbender, but that turned out to be a dead end. Luckily, though, we overheard some boys talking about some earthbender championship. I had to teach them some manners, but they eventually told us where we could go to watch it. We all hoped Aang could find a master to learn from there.
The fight was just a bunch of immature guys throwing rocks at each other. I figured it was just going to be a big waste of time.
I really don’t know how anyone could like this stuff, but Sokka went crazy for some boulder guy. Aang didn’t think that he would be a good teacher though.
There was one amazing fighter there. She was the Blind Bandit, and she was amazing. After she beat Sokka’s guy, Aang went out to challenge her. She was still amazing, but I don’t think she expected Aang to be an airbender. When Aang knocked her out of the ring, she just stormed out. We tried finding her at the bending school from earlier, and we found out from the same boys that she may have been the daughter of a wealthy family in town, so we went to their property. She was less than thrilled to see us and made us leave… rather abruptly.
Luckily, Aang got us back in, and the Bei Fong family had us for dinner. She still wasn’t too warm to us though. After dinner she took Aang out for a walk, which was a good sign… until they didn’t come back. We all went searching in the courtyard, but all we found was a ransom note from the people of the Earth… Fighting… Championship… thingy. Luckily we still had the bag of gold that Aang won, so we all went back to the stadium. Those jerks only let Toph go for the gold. Toph was tired of being the pampered little girl and beat all of the earthbenders single-handed while Sokka and I rescued Aang.
When we got back to the Bei Fong place, Toph told her parents about her real life, but they just didn’t understand. They even kicked us out. Just as we were about to leave, though, he changed his mind and let Toph come with us. She will make a really good teacher for Aang.

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