Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bloggaday 11 Information on AA’s, BA’s, MA’s, and Doctorates

Bloggaday 11 Information on AA’s, BA’s, MA’s, and Doctorates
70 units Community College semester units = 105 of CSU quarter units. Go in as a junior
Grad School
Or 2 years 2 years 3-4 years

CSU will graduate you with a BA when you have enough units (182) rather you want to or not.
BS straight to Ed.D – 5 years
Masters to Ph.D 2 to 3 years

Takes 2 years
Paid internship. Jobs on campus. W
Will take classes only in your subject
Masters in psych jobs in reseach or teaching w/ supervision. Help get grants
Courts - IO major Indrustrial organizational makes alot of money and no need of Ph.D
In therapy, you need license. MFT is bad, Social worker is better.
Experimental will help get into being a clinical

State schools – people want you from other states.
If you get into a state program, They will pay you to come. Pay for classes, and book. You’ll teach for rent and food an undergrad classes.
ABD issue, all but dissertation. State Doctorates. Will pay you to come. Fellowship pays tuition and books plus teaching lower classes for rent and stuff.

Advance to candidacy – must do to grad
In MA, advance to candidacy is a paper

In Ph.D it is a test.

GRE’s like SAT
3 letters of recommendation -> strong, positive recommendation. Ask for this! Send them the email link if its and email hookup. If it is a mail, give them a stamped, addressed, envelope with the copy if it is a hardcopy. Always waive right to open.
GPA (not the deciding factor)
If going into clinical, you must have 1 year of ongoing experience when you apply. Sex assault, battered women, suicide hotline.
Start studying now. Math, English, and subject. Hour a week.
To get into UCLA, you used to have to get 1400 out of 1600. Then 1100, now 1000. Anything less than that will be thrown away.

If going to CSU SB – S.A.I.L join it. Book vouchers and scholarships. Join other programs like this

Hard to get jobs in \/

Easier to get jobs in these \/
Opening up – forensic
Clinical always has jobs

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