Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bloggaday 3 - 1st PWND edition Ever

Bloggaday 3 The PWND edition
I won’t get into the PWND label right now, but here is a little story content I wrote yesterday for you fine folks. The story goes through the 7 deadly sins. I’m going to leave out the intro that I wrote a few days ago

The man blinked into a blurry world. Through the haze, it mimicked the previous invader. Now, the brightness invaded his sleep. The blare also accompanied this brightness. It honed into beeps that sporadically tortured his consciousness.
His hand wandered from the constraints of his blankets and followed the trail of sound. It finally grasped beveled plastic and engulfed it. The sound fought the muffle for a beep before the hand took it from the wooden ledge it sat perched. The man whipped the alarm, but a crash and thud only offered relief for a moment before the blaring returned.
The man’s hand recoiled and joined its counterpart to cover his face. As the sound continued, they clawed at a pillow and tried to push it through his face. As he tried to smother his consciousness, a new pounding offered a syncopated pain to compliment the alarm’s monotonous drone.
The pillow offered a tighter seal, but lyrics came through, “Get your ass up, or turn the alarm off! If you make me, I’ll do both with escalating levels of violence.” The pillow finally loosened from his face with a sigh. It flew off with a flurry with the blanket and bounced free from the bed before settling to the floor.
In the commotion, the bed sheet managed to free itself from the mattress and continued to hook his foot. He sat up with an “Hmph!” and stared at the tangle. He kicked for freedom until it finally came loose. Now, he stared at his feet, one socked, the other, the newly freed one, sat there, exposed to the air. He slid the side of his cheek in-between his teeth and processed. “Screw it.” He bobbed out of bed and nearly launched himself into the door. With a few steps, he managed to silence the alarm clock

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