Friday, February 19, 2010

Bloggaday 5 TheAvatarJourney Preview - Toph

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Getting ready to defend my championship

You fools better be at Earth Rumble 6

Can you believe all these fluttering little fairies trying to get MY Championsship?

The Boulder? Could he be any older?

This couldn’t be any easier

Who is this pipsqueak? Challenging me?

I can’t believe this twinkletoes just knocked me out!

Back home from Earth Rumble 6 and now I’m just relaxing… Trying to relax, I should say

That boy that knocked me out of the ring is back.

Is just sitting here, bored. Stupid Master Yu

I just can’t get rid of this kid. Unbelievable

Time to make peace with twinkletoes

Stolen by a bunch of wimps with @Aangjouney

I’m tired of being blind and tiny and fragile, well I don’t mind being blind.

Time to kick some butt.

My parents are are are URgghghgghg

I’m going with the Avatar, and there’s nothing my father can do about it!


Today was Earth Rumble 6, and I had to defend my championship. As usual, the challengers were a bunch of chumps. But out of nowhere, some kid comes out of the audience and challenges me. I wasn’t sure how the twinkletoes beat me, but he knocked me out of the ring and then started hounding me. He was lucky that I didn’t just pumble him, but I am amazingly level-headed and I just left.
Next, as I was relaxing at my home, this idiot, and his bunch of just-as-stupid friends, break in and are meandering around the garden. I got them to run away, but then they came back! This time, he got invited to dinner by telling my parents that he was the Avatar. Can you believe his nerve! I don’t go around telling people I’m the Blind Bandit and get free meals.
In the middle of everybody eating, the brat does this huge sneeze that cover me and everybody else in food. Now, I may have been less then welcoming, but come on!
After dinner, I decided to go talk to him, after all, he had been jumping through hoop after hoop just to talk to me. We went for a walk in the garden, but the chumps from Earth Rumble 6 trapped us in these metal boxes. Sometimes I wish I could bend metal like I bend earth.
At first, it sounded like they thought I threw the fight against twinkletoes, but then they found out that he was the Avatar. After about an hour of hanging up there, tortured by the kid’s incessant rambling on and on, my parents and the kid’s friends finally showed up. His friends brought the gold that they won, but because featherfeet was the Avatar, they wouldn’t let him go.
When his friends asked for my help in rescuing him, my dad went on and on about how weak and fragile I was. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I single-handedly took out all of the earhbenders, including the tournament ringleader while the others rescued the Avatar.
Once everything got settled, and we were back at my home, I confessed my life to my father, but he just didn’t see it. He decided to cover me from the world even more. And they say I’m blind. But I didn’t care. I snuck out and joined the Avatar and his friends. Just don’t tell them, they think my dad changed his mind.

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