Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BLoggaday 2

Alright, after watching the superbowl, I pondered on the fact that I didn’t see the Last Airbender commercial that I was promised. I’m not sure how I missed it, but I went online to find the latest video update on what I fear could be the next Dragonball Z.
Granted I didn’t see the live action adaptation to my first anime, Dragonball Z, but I just didn’t want to actually watch my childhood be diddled by a white guy in a modern, urban setting, without crazy animal people. And really, if I wanted to sit through an hour and a half of my childhood getting touched in all the wrong places, at least give me a Japanese guy and crazy animal people laughing and pointing while he goes to town. Other than that, it just looked so terribly bad. Maybe, someday, I’ll see it. Actually, I’m sure I’ll see it. The whole ordeal really was depressing. I had been half-following it since Goku was Hugh Jackman and Piccolo was some 6 foot 4 unknown black guy.
Back to the topic at hand. I’ve seen the teaser trailer for Avatar (The Last Airbender) a few times, and have been waiting for an actual trailer with some movie content. I wanted an HD version of the trailer, but alast, Apple, just had the old trailer, but I found the video on what is apparently the official website. I just have to say “Yay.”
Sure, casting choices appear to be atrocious, but I do believe I will enjoy the movie non-the-less. Now I will mention the particulars of the commercial, so if you want to see it before I go and describe it, I recommend that you go watch it then.
Just seeing the fire bender take the fire and throw it at the earthbender, who put a wall up was pretty frikkin frakkin awesome. Now it looks like the fight scenes with Aang might be a little bit awkward, but the bending should be good enough to see the movie despite any misgivings of just about any aspect of this film.
So, with a minute of the film out and about, I’m hopeful that it will be good, and really, it could be good. I just hope they work on the avatar state, though.

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