Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bloggaday 48 – .5’er Gang Signs. Representin. Leaf Side. Four Tribe Life

Bloggaday 48 – .5’er Gang Signs. Representin. Leaf Side. Four Tribe Life

As you may have noticed, I’ve been throwing some wicked gang signs in the last couple .5 Piccaday pictures. Well, don’t be ignorant. I’ve been watching Naruto. A couple of weeks ago I caught an episode. Apparently the Oruchimaru folks took Gara, and they were going to take the thing out of him, but it was going to take nine days. I debated to start watching it again, but I decided not to.
Now, “le gasp, but you said you were watching it!” Before I get to that, I suppose I should say I used to watch it, but it’s been a while. I stopped watching it the same time I stopped watching Avatar quite some time ago. Last I remember, Oruchimaru (I have no idea on the spelling) (Spoiler) killed the Hokagi I think. So this was during the chunin exams. Oh, I’m butchering this. I stopped a while ago.
So now I’m watching Naruto Shipuden, which is them slightly grown up? I don’t know what happened to Sasuke, but Sakura wanted some answers about. I do know Kakashi is still pretty pimp, so I’m happy.
Anyways, when I Spiked up the .5 Piccadays, I wasn’t even thinking Naruto. I was doing an Avatar/Bebop fanfic, so I was kind of setting that up, but on the third day, I didn’t really know what to do, but I had been scrashing on Naruto Marathon, so I thought I would put my hands together like they do. I didn’t quite remember how it was done, so I googled Naruto hand sign and got this video , and I figured, “Hey, That’ll knock out two weeks of .5’ers (I don’t post a personal pick on Avatar Casts on Fridays).” Yes, I air-parenthesized my own talk.
There you have it, the mystery of the hand signs.
The .5’er gang signs. Representin. Leaf Side. Four Tribe Life

Oh, “Le gasp,” I never finished that… Well, that’s how I roll.

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