Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bloggaday 70 - One half-assed, but completely, kick-ass post

Bloggaday 70 - One half-assed, but completely, kick-ass post

Alright, late post and a last minute subject change. I was going to write about rather astute analogy about my music class, but I went and saw Kick-Ass before I had a chance to write and post it.
Now, I don’t usually feature too harsh of language on Bloggaday, but I also don’t shy away from it. Given the nature of the movie, I think I am somewhat compelled to spotlight some language that might otherwise be considered impolite and uncivilized.

Holy fucking shit, that was a brutal movie. I had heard a lot about how they went a bit overboard with the language and whatnot with Hit Girl, but I didn’t quite expect that.
I think the thing that threw me is the general setting of the “superhero movie.” They tend to be a bit whiney and complainy about the whole thing. Now I’m not saying superheroes should just be going around and offing bad guys (that would probably make for a high turnover rate for the supervillain position), afterall, there needs to be some ethics for the good guys.
In general, the no-kill motto for superheroes is a good thing, but it makes the exceptions to a nice change of pace because its not so central to the story line every single frikkin time. The punisher probably goes a bit overboard, but Iron Man 1 did a rather nice job at it. They didn’t focus on it, but the movie didn’t pull any punches with it. I’m interested in seeing if the second one takes the same approach.
I was going to continue writing on this and then swing it back around to Kick Ass, but I’m done with this Bloggaday. I’ve been trying to write this since like 1.

Question, will there be second movie with the Orange Bukkake as the villain?
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