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Bloggaday 56 – Dream Analysis Pt 3

Bloggaday 56 – Dream Analysis Pt 3
The last portion.
For the interpretation of the different aspects of the dreams, I used the site even though some of their descriptions sounded more like a fortune cookie rather than an explanation of subconscious symbols. For the darkness of the dream, it suggests that I don’t have enough information to make a current decision. A few weeks ago I had a dream that I tried to analyze. It seemed to circle around my upcoming decision of rather I would attend CSUSB or Sonoma State University. This is a choice that still weighs on me, and it would appear that the darkness could be about this.
I remember feeling a good deal of anxiety as I tried to find my seat. The site suggests that I am feeling some in real life and could reflect “repressed thoughts, unexpressed emotions, resentment, and hostility.” Again, I feel this could be focused towards my decision of colleges. As for the emotions, I have different people focusing on one particular university and trying to get me to go there. Assuming that it is the only viable choice. Perhaps that explains the rest of the interpretation.
As I said, the lecture wasn’t in a room; it was this huge expanse. The site’s interpretation for Arena mentions that I “need a stage or platform for yourself expression.” It also mentions that I have a problem that needs to be brought into the open. Again, the university decision isn’t as open as it could be.
It is suggested that the fact that I was at a lecture means that I need to do some research and weigh my options. That still fits with the decision I need to make about colleges.
The spiral that the group appeared on and the music stands were both very tall or long. The site continues to say that “long” things either mean the penis or issues of power. Since the rest of the dream is absent of sexual matters, I would assume it is an issue of power. I would think that it is saying I need to make my own decision rather than just doing what other people are telling me. Again, I have multiple people telling me about the universities.
The gold of the pillars or music stands means wealth. If this dream is about my choice of universities, then it could be assuring me that education will lead to a good living.
The glow around the groups suggests enlightenment and a “new light” being shed on an issue. I still haven’t figured out what the groups stand for, but they seem to be the key to my unconscious decision on the subject.
Aside from what the site can tell me, there are some aspects that it can not speak on. The League of Nations and 1773 are connected somehow. Their connection was obvious in the dream. I am not a particular fan of the League. One of the only things that I can think I would know that happened in 1773 is the Boston Tea Party. There is a new movement calling itself the Tea Party, which I’m not a fan of either, but this seems to be a bit of a stretch. The Push of Knowledge was also linked with ending the Home Crisis. If the Push of Knowledge is education, then my choice of college would mean drastically different living situations. Lastly, while I enjoy music, I have no clue about musicality. I also enjoy education, but I am torn about which university to attend, so this could be why it was my music teacher giving the lecture.
Examining your dreams can be an invaluable habit. With dreams being a window into your unconscious, the insight you can pull from them can be crucial for your waking self. Even if you fail at understanding the true meaning, you will assign whatever is on your mind to it, and that allows you to think about it more. While I believe I have identified some issues, I am missing a few things to get a clearer understanding of what it is that I am seeing.

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