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Bloggaday 66 – PWND – Action Figure-Inspired Story Content

Bloggaday 66 – PWND – Action Figure-Inspired Story Content
A little bit of Bloggaday for you folks this Wed-nes-day

In 1997, a brutal storm in the Pacific decimated the mermaid population of the last known colony in existence. One mermaid, caught away from the castle suffered from a stroke when the storm hit and washed ashore in the violence brought by the storm.
As he laid there, sun beating down on him, he summoned the last of his strength and consciousness to transform himself into a human and keep the stroke from doing any more damage.
As the city of Santa Monica returned to normal, a fisherman by the name of Jebediah found the former mermaid nearly buried in the sands, an odd formation of rings radiating out from the man. He clawed the man out of the sand and rushed him home.
Slowly, the man regained most of his health and vitality, but never his memory, something he always thought would be lost to him. Jebediah and the man worked as fishermen for years, the young man’s brilliance improving every aspect of Jebediah’s fishing. The two continued to grow until the man had amassed enough wealth to open his own business.
The business was only a stepping stone in his life, by no means an end. The business transformed and was quickly contracted almost exclusively by the United State’s military. He quickly became one of the wealthiest men in America, then in the world. With this newfound wealth, he never lost his connection with the ocean. Nearly a quarter of his personal wealth went into aquatic research and causes. Most of the rest of it went into building a suit, a very special suit that would hopefully erase what lasting effects the stroke had caused.
Soon, the suit was complete, and the man returned to the sea. Deep down, he always knew he would find answers there. It was a secret that drove him for years, a secret that he never uttered to anyone, not even to Jebediah.
As he made his way into the ocean, a storm was brewing, brewing not in the air, where human society could see, but deep in the ocean where not even the mermaids could see. No mermaid except for one, the royal princess of the thousand mermaids that had survived the brutal and unforeseen storm that nearly wiped out them all out in 1997.
Over ten years ago, the princess barely made it to the castle to warn the other mermaids that the storm was coming. Over 5,000 mermaids were lost, and now the rest of the mermaids were facing the same extinction.
The two, on different paths of discover found themselves crossed near the same destination. The princess, having seen the brewing death that awaited the mermaids, began on her way back to the colony
The man saw her racing through a reef, and he released the last reserves of his suit to catch up with her. Cutting her from her path, she stopped, but something began to change inside of him.
“What’s happening!” he screamed, his voice trapped in his suit.
A reply reverberated in his skull, “You’re a mermaid, and now your body is reclaiming its form.
As the suit released its grasp of the man, the water embraced him. His body reformed itself as it has always been meant to be. His legs bound themselves together and he took in the water.

And that’s it for today, and for that story. Never again to see my attention or consciousness, it’s getting its day (alright, 2 days) here on Bloggaday. I wanted to cap it 500 words, and I rushed to a point of conclusion, which I managed to squeeze down to 555 words, but the ending suffered for the word limit.
I actually came up with this because my niece wanted to play. She had a Barbie that transformed into a mermaid, and I got my nephew’s iron man action figure. The whole stroke thing came from the fact that the iron man’s left arm and to some extent, left leg, was messed up and had limited mobility. My niece somehow pulled out that a storm happened in 1997 and another one was coming, so the mermaids were in danger. Also, that since iron man saw her, he became a mermaid. I suppose I just kind of ran with it after that.
Probably tomorrow, I’m going to post an annotated version of the story up. If not tomorrow, know that it is coming.

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