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Bloggaday 64 – Ax Men and a Madhouse

Bloggaday 64 – Ax Men and a Madhouse

Oh, the cycle of television shows can be depressing. This past go around, I picked up on a couple of shows, two of which were Ax Men and Madhouse, both of which, are over now. Mad House had ended last week while I just caught the last episode of Ax Men last night.
I must admit, I got quite hooked on both shows. I was bit resistant to madhouse, but a few happen-stance watching’s later, it sucked me in just the same as Ax Men.
I’m rather amazed at the niches that each camp provided for Ax Men. Browning got lucky with their choking crew and the fact that they had the camera time with the owner.
I can’t recall the name of the guy with no teeth, but he was quite the character. Even with new set of choppers, he was easily one of the most entertaining people on the show. He reminded me of Woody Harrelson. Rhygaard’s greenhorn/owners combo was also very good for their company’s spot on TV. The dad’s constant hounding of the greenhorn was rather amusing. Pihl’s move to bring in the incompetent big guy was also fun to watch for a few episodes, but I’m glad they didn’t stretch that out too long. S&S Logging was another great section of the show. Son and Pop numbskulls who couldn’t find a tree in a forest were out looking for logs in the muddy waters in… Florida (?). I think it was Florida and the other guy was over in Louisiana or Georgia. Oh, I didn’t pay attention to where each of these places were. Now that other guy was a character. He definitely made the show worth watching.
Now this here is a spoiler paragraph. If you haven’t seen the season finale and want to, just skip this one. One feature of the show was the competition between Browning and Rhygaard for the load count. Before the two shut down for the end of the summer season, Rhygard actually pulled an allnighter. Brought in lights and logged through a foggy, downhill pull. When the load counts were tallied for the season, Browning came out ahead by only three loads. I tried making that last sentence as inconspicuous as possible for anybody skipping it. Now I’m just burying it in the middle. What can I say, I’m a polite guy like that.
Anyways, the other show that sucked me in was Madhouse, a redneck soap opera if I ever saw one. Again, spoilers: A rookie came out of nowhere to take one of the top spots. “the king” Junior actually sucked pretty hard. He doesn’t actually seem to be a good racer. His Garage mate was even ragging on him a bit, something along the line of –Oh, he has new suspensions, so now he doesn’t have any excuses.- The brothers (my favorites from the show) failed to take home the championship, and The Rocket (I don’t recall his name) took home his 8th (?) championship. And lastly, the Show Stopper seemed to be the same as Junior, just really not that good of a racer. I don’t know, I’ll give him props for coming back after the crash, but meh.
Now, the reason I actually did this for my Bloggaday was to mention that Bowman Gray is starting back up. While the television season is over, the racing season is just about to start up. From what I can tell, it starts April 24th. I believe it will be on 104.1 WTQR, so I’ll be on there website comes racetime to try to find it. I would like to tune into the guy from the show’s radiotime, but I need to find him. That is what I actually want to listen to. I’m not much of a racecar fan. My farmer tan ain’t that bad yet.

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