Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bloggaday 49 – A Physics Videocast.

Bloggaday 49 – A Physics Videocast.

A Physics Videocast. Coming Soon to a Youtube Near You.
This semester, I took a sociology class with a teacher named Julie Davis. Every semester she makes her students do 10 hours of community service. This particular sociology class is social problems, so we have to relate it to one of the social problems we have talked about.
I chose education for my social problem. As an aside, I plan on starting a Physics Videocast. I will be taking projects from my physics book and performing them. Yay for Youtube.
I will post a link up here when I get the first video up. I figure that the show notes will actually be Bloggadays, so I will subject you folks to all that boringness. But there should be some good stuff. Fun for the whole family.

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