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Bloggaday 53 – Dream analysis pt 1

Bloggaday 53 – Dream analysis pt 1

Small update about tomorrow. My timeline meant that Friday was video day for my Avatar Cosplayer Cast, but some real life events are causing some limited Bloggadaying abilities, but I will keep doing the ACC Friday with the last in-depth go with the characters. It will be Toph, Suki, Smeller Bee, and the Cabbage Merchant.
I’ll actually be missing my research group which hasn’t met in the last two weeks, 4 fundraiser events, and a sociology field trip.
Anyways, this is a paper I wrote Tuesday morning before my 11:00 morning class. It’s about 1500 words, so I’m going to break it into 3 posts.

Thought Paper Two
Dream analysis
I believe that I, like most people, allow the memory of our dreams to slip free of my consciousness before I can examine, and at times, even remember them at all. But channeling the will fitting to even the most disciplined monk on a mountain, I was able to remember the fleeting moments of a conversation between my unconscious and myself while I slept.
As I woke and fought to remember glimpses of my dreams, one major trend did appear. In all but one dream (the one I will be analyzing for this paper), television characters played predominant roles in my dreams. According to the site,, the traits of the fictional characters are embodied by myself or someone close to me. I do not recall all of the different television shows and movies featured in my dreams, but the two that come to mind are Scrubs and Transformers. From Scrubs, the character that I remember most is Christopher Turk. I cannot remember any particular Transformers character that were in my dreams, but the common trait between Turk and the Transformers are their remarkable ability to transform in different situations. Transformers are large robots that are capable of literally transforming from different sorts of vehicles to a more human version of it. Turk, on the other hand, has multiple facets of his personality that he utilizes when dealing with different people. He is often a wacky character, especially with the main character of the show, but he is more serious when he is with his wife. While the former is not completely eliminated, he is much more controlled. With this, I would say these are attributes of myself rather than someone close to me. Though I imagine it could be about anyone since it is a rather universal thing to put a different foot forward for different situations. Even with the dominance of the theme, I am not sure what the point of the dreams are other than just to make me aware that I do this. I don’t remember any context of rather it was a good or bad thing. While I don’t remember this theme in my dream I am analyzing, the fact that television shows were in almost every single dream I had this week, and the two I actually remember can be so nicely tied together, I believe that it is a very important fact that could not be ignored in an assignment such as this.

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