Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloggaday 73 – PWND with a Side of Bacon – The Law of Special Baconivity

Bloggaday 73 – PWND with a Side of Bacon – The Law of Special Baconivity

Unfortunately, I didn’t get more done on this, so I might repost it another day with more content.

I’m letting you guys here at the Bloggaday get a special sneak peek at something before the bidding war starts from all of the scholarly journals. It’s my Law of Special Baconivity.
The premise of special baconivity is the ability of bacon to be both a food and non-food at the same time. The chief properties of bacon in this law apply to each of the two realities. It is a food because of its miraculous flavor and life-giving nutrition. This is the easy part of baconivity. It follows the classical view of bacon and food in general.
Bacon also has a very special attribute that seems to go against traditional views of the things we eat. No matter how much bacon you consume, it doesn’t actually occupy physical space in your stomach. There always seems to be room for bacon. No other food seems to have this ability. It elevates bacon to new category of being a non-food, Supplere non Complere. It roughly translates “to make complete, but not to fill up.”
While further tests are required to gain the whole picture of the duality of bacon, these early results show a promising future for bacon.

Yay for the applied sciences

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