Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bloggaday 46 – Abandoning an Airbending Addiction

Bloggaday 46 – Abandoning an Airbending Addiction

Great interest in Avatar waning… Coming off addictive high… Must keep it joing until the movie comes out… Ohhhhh… Noooo…
Ugh, I was crazy hooked on the Last Airbender for a while, but I think I’m coming off of it. It’s funny; I have a tendency of doing this with various shows and other modes of entertainment, but I don’t think I have an addictive personality.
During this last go around, I drew a few pictures ( ), started the Avatar Journey, a character-driven set of blogs that accompanies the episodes, Avatar Re-envisioned an alternative storyline if Waterbenders were the antagonists (inspired by the cover of 2012) ( ), a Cowboy Bebop/Avater fanfic crossover (Which I’ll post what I have one of these Wednesdays for PWND), and of course the Avatar Cosplayer Cast, which is a project I’m currently doing and will be doing for the next couple of weeks. This will hopefully keep me going until the movie comes out. You can find the first official post herar
I think before the Avatar, I went on a Rookie kick. The Rookie is a book from Ney York Time’s list bestselling author and breakthrough podcast author. Described as Any Given Sunday meets the Godfather meets Star Wars. The sequel comes out today over herar -> . When I went through that particular kick, I tried doing a realistic drawing of my favorite character, I created some Bionacle models of the aliens in the book, and did a couple of pieces of fanfic including A Tot’s Tales – A Very Tweety Christmas, and a pair of Nocturnal Gambit chapters.
I’ll pimp Pope Siglarious a little more, you can find his feed herar -> .

That’s it for me boys and girls. Until tomorrow, I will say this is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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It’s funny because Sparta was my 300th word.

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