Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggaday 55 – Dream Analysis Pt 2

Bloggaday 55 – Dream Analysis Pt 2
Pt 2 of 3. Again, written before class.
As for the focus of this paper, I only remember portions of it. I woke up in the middle of the night and actually took some notes about the dream, but even some of those I don’t remember clearly. In the dream, I was late to a lecture given by my current music teacher. It wasn’t in a class though. It was in this huge auditorium or possibly a stadium, but it was extremely dark. As I found my seat, I remember checking my phone for the time, but I do not recall what the time was. She was very passionate about the lecture, talking predominately about the past. As she started talking about sheet music, my dream went into a series of cut sequences. Each scene went up in a spiral. It was still dark, but the people were lit by a glow. The area where the people were, spiraled around an empty center of the building where my point of view was. Large pillars ran up to each group, apparently sheet music stands despite their size, decoration, and what appeared to be ornate carvings. Even though they appeared to be gold, the teacher also stressed the fact that they could make non-metallic stands. She also stressed that the League of Nations was created in 1773, and that a push of knowledge (the particulars being something I don’t recall) could end the home crisis. That’s the best play-by-play I could remember of the dream.
As I said, I jotted some notes down when I woke up, some of which I still don’t know about. Here is that list: Lecture auditorium, Sheet music, Fishing accident, Monks, Movie cuts, 36%, Gold, League of nations, 1773, Push of knowledge, End home crisis, Nonmetalic stands. While I don’t remember the particulars of the fishing accident, it is vaguely familiar. I wrote monks because of some of the group in the spiral, but the groups were extremely varied and monk was something I had looked up on a dream interpretation website before this dream. I am not particular convinced of their place in my dream. I have absolutely no recollection about 36%, but at least the others are familiar to some extent.
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