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Bloggaday 304 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 3 By David “Jack Johnson” Dysart

Bloggaday 304 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 3

By David “Jack Johnson” Dysart

Hey! I have another note. This time I’m going to let you folks know this is considered my midterm for this class. Because of that, it’s weighted heavier than the others I’ve done so far.

That is all

Now with the description!

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The problem with the ceiling is, there are no people there. For the image of student life, one must return to the ground and the crowds filling it. Two women prance in from the chilled air trailing their path. Their tear through the crowds collect curious eyes until their rampage draws to an end at the row of leather seats on the wall. After a few dragging moments, they choose the perfect chairs and plop down into their own seats, somehow severing their connection at the hip. While both women share identical pageboy haircuts, the dominant personality of the two has kept her brunette hair while the blonde’s roots are creeping out to match that aspect as well. One after the other, they dig into matching shoulder bags for binders and papers, but the brunette, “Linda,” easily dictates the pace of the conversation by switching it from homework to random chit-chat. “Cathy,” the one with the receding blondeline, holds no argument against it as she curls into the chair, the conversation a good book and the rich, golden ottoman a cozy fire. With ripped and faded jeans curled under her and a teal-patched deep blue sweater wrapped snugly around her body, she tucks petite slip-ons stitched with visions of the night sky into the cushion of the chair.

With Cathy situated in her seat, Linda began slouching into her own leather cushions. As she sinks further into the chair, a deep burgundy shirt with an even deeper neckline begins to wrinkle and scrunch up around her. A swinging kick later, she got her feet up to the ottoman and gave her legs a quick cross. Wisps of black cover her feet to create a minimalist flip-flop. As the women talk, she fidgets with a pink highlighter that never garners any real attention. As time passes, Linda finally gathers some papers up and gives them a few taps on her lap to straighten them, years of newscaster conditioning making its way through her mannerisms. Again, Cathy follows suit and begins reading her own paper scratched from top to bottom in an unreadable black scrawl. Both of their papers carry long strips of orange highlighting that race between vertical red lines. With silence filling the conversation between the two, Cathy brings the papers closer to her face, giving her eyes their best chance at deciphering the markings. ADHD continues to plague Linda though as she continues to play with her highlighter and looks up every couple of lines for some people watching.

During one of Linda’s brief readings, Cathy drops the papers to her lap and gives herself a stretch. A yawn later, she files the papers away in a nondescript white binder with unutilized clear plastic slips covering it. With a quick glance, Linda spots the action and slips her own papers into her bag. They share a smile as they pack, and they’re off again half-cocked into the crowds to make their escape from the agony of their weekly study session.

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Part 3 of my observations finally include people! WOah! I know, weird, right? Well, it is on Bloggaday

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