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Bloggaday 312 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 3 By David “Bread made of Ginger” Dysart

Bloggaday 312 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 3

By David “Bread made of Ginger” Dysart



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Chuck: Hello yet again, Bloggaday Readers. I’m Chuck.

Tom: And I’m San Tom. Welcome to part san of the big san oh!

Chuck: What?

Tom: Well, as I said, Chuck, I’ve been studying Japanese. The Japanese character for “3” is pronounced “San.”

Chuck: I hope you get esophageal cancer talking like that.

Tom: I don’t know what that is, but for your wife’s sake, I hope it’s not communicable.

Chuck: That’s right, you were talking about stuffing my wife’s stocking, weren’t you?

Tom: That’s right, Chuck. Thank you for reminding me.

Chuck: Well, don’t let me keep you. Go on.

Tom: Frankly, I was about to call Ripley’s because you’re wife’s stocking just kept going and going. It has already swallowed up my candy cane, hard gingerbread man, toy, banana, and Woody, and it still had more room.

Chuck: Whatever did you do, San Tom?

Tom: Well, I had to lay down some serious pipe!

Chuck: You laid pipe?

Tom: I surely did! I knew after all of this, your wife would need a smoke, so I brought an antique smoking pipe. I new she would love it, so I gave it to her.

Chuck: And she liked it?

Tom: I’d say. My pipe was in your wife’s mouth all night. She hardly took it out except to spit!

Chuck: Spit?

Tom: Yeah, I accidentally bought chew instead of smoking tobacco, so my pipe in her mouth was more for aesthetics than practical use!

Chuck: Anything else?

Tom: Well, I also brought some major lumber to the party.

Chuck: Lumber? How so?

Tom: Well, I hand-crafted a jewelry box and put a cherished family heirloom in there.

Chuck: How sweet of you, San Tom.

Tom: Yeah, I know. But just the thought of my family jewels in your wife’s jewelry box brings a smile to my face.

Chuck: Now, I know my wife’s stocking pretty well, if I say so myself. There can’t be much more room left.

Tom: That’s true. Your wife’s stocking was filling fast.

Chuck: But of course, there was room for one more thing.

Tom: Of course! It was tight, but I put my Prince Albert in there too.

Chuck: AH, TOM!

Tom: What? Didn’t you ever have an action figure of Prince Albert of Sax-Coburg and Gotha when you were a kid? A few years ago, your wife mentioned how much she loved the feel of a good Prince Albert, and I finally found one.

Chuck: You are an odd little man. You know that right?

Tom: Ho ho ho!

Chuck: And we’ve squandered the word count for yet another Song of the Week. We’ll have to come back next time to continue.

Tom: You know when that is, right?

Chuck: Christmas eve?

Tom: Yes. I’ll be sure to wrap up my story on all Christmas’ Eve. Ho ho ho!

Chuck: That’s more of a Halloween thing. You can’t just assign it to random holidays.

Tom: Ho ho ho! Sure you can. All Pearl Harbor’s Eve. All 4th of July’s Eve. It actually makes it better! Ho ho ho!

Chuck: Goodbye, everyone.

Tom: Ho Ho Ho! And Merry Bloggaday.

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In today’s post, we learn about Japanese 3sans, and some serious pipe, major lumber, and a Prince Albert gets added to the stocking, only on Bloggaday

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