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Bloggaday 313 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 4 By David “Banjo, Vest, Bowler, and No Pants” Dysart

Bloggaday 313 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 4

By David “Banjo, Vest, Bowler, and No Pants” Dysart



Red Hot Chili Peppers



Deep Purple

Ain’t No Grave


Johnny Cash

Jar of Hearts


Christina Perri

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome part four of Song of the Week 30.

Tom: Ho ho ho! It’s nice to see all of the good boys and girls again. Welcome back!

Chuck: Are we going to get to music content today?

Tom: I don’t know, but why don’t I finish my story?

Chuck: Why don’t you.

Tom: Well, where was I? Ah, that’s right. So far, I had put my jumbo candy cane, a hard gingerbread man, a toy, banana, Woody, a pipe, some serious lumber, my family jewels in her jewelry box, and lastly, my Prince Albert in your wife’s stocking.

Chuck: Yep. What’s next? The kitchen sink? Maybe you’re going to start herding animals two by two into my wife’s stocking.

Tom: Ho ho ho! Nothing like that. You’re wife’s stocking was at the brim! I couldn’t even get my nuts in there, so they just rested on the patch of fur on your wife’s stocking!

Chuck: So that’s it? Can we move on?

Tom: Ho ho ho! Not quite, Chucky.

Chuck: Don’t call me Chucky.

Tom: I had one last thing.

Chuck: What other euphemism can you possibly think of?

Tom: Well, I had to give her my package.

Chuck: Jeeze. How did I miss that one.

Tom: Unfortunately, there wasn’t anymore room in your wife’s stocking. I tried cramming it in there, don’t you know?

Chuck: Oh, no.

Tom: It wouldn’t stay though, so I had to pull out.

Chuck: No, please.

Tom: Well, your wife couldn’t wait, so she started working my package with her hands.

Chuck: Come on.

Tom: Honestly, she was so excited, she even used her mouth… To tear the wrap, I mean.

Chuck: DO you really have to do this.

Tom: I think that she liked the ribbon I tied on my package. It made it so festive.

Chuck: Uh huh.

Tom: Well, she was getting a little tired, so I helped unwrap it.

Chuck: Did you now.

Tom: Yeah, and when I finished, she was so happy to get the pearl necklace.

Chuck: You son of a… You gave my wife a pearl necklace…

Tom: Well, of course. I think she knew what was coming though. Just before I finished and pulled the wrapper off, she rested back and pulled her hair up. That’s a woman who’s gotten a pearl necklace or two, Chuck.

Chuck: Yep.

Tom: Hey, Chuck.

Chuck: What’s that, Tom?

Tom: When was the last time you gave your wife a pearl necklace?

Chuck: You know what? I’m not too sure.

Tom: You should do it more often.

Chuck: I’m sure I should.

Tom: Yeah… It would probably get you laid more.

Chuck: …

Tom: What? I’m just saying.

Chuck: I’m so sorry, Bloggaday Readers. That’s all I can do today. I need to go home and drink. I need to drink so very much. Come back tomorrow. Now that that ridiculous-

Tom: Ho ho ho! Don’t you mean ridiculous?

Chuck: Sure I do. Have a great day, everyone. Come back tomorrow for the actual songs this.

Tom: And have a very Merry All Christmas’s Eve.

Chuck: Ohh…

Tom: What is it, Chuck?

Chuck: Tomorrow’s Christmas. I don’t even have a present for my wife.

Tom: Can I suggest a pearl necklace? She really seemed to love it whe-

Chuck: No! Enough with the pearl necklaces and Woodys and your hard f#$&!%@ gingerbread man! I need to concentrate now.

Tom: Hey, Chuck?

Chuck: What is it, Tom?

Tom: What did you get me for Christmas?

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313 December 24

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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