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Bloggaday 310 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 2 By David “Jingle Balls” Dysart

Bloggaday 310 – SotW 30: Jar of Hearts pt 2

By David “Jingle Balls” Dysart

Chuck: Hello and welcome to part two of Song of the Week 30. I am your host and with me as always is…

Tom: San Tom, ho ho ho!

Chuck: Are you going to do that ridiculous voice today too?

Tom: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Chuck!

Chuck: Whatever. Let’s just get to the songs.

Tom: Don’t be rude, Chuck! I haven’t finished telling my story yet!

Chuck: Haven’t you humiliated my wife and I enough?

Tom: Ho ho ho! Not even close!

Chuck: Fine, go ahead. The floor’s yours.

Tom: Well, after I put my candy cane in your wife’s stocking, I saw that there was still more room! Can you believe that, Chuck?

Chuck: Nope.

Tom: Well, luckily I brought a ginger bread man with me!

Chuck: How convenient!

Tom: Yeah, as soon as I got the gingerbread package out, it was hard.

Chuck: …

Tom: Yep, the gingerbread man was hard and ready to stuff your wife’s stocking…

Chuck: …

Tom: It was stale, Chuck

Chuck: Of course that’s what you meant. Go on.

Tom: Well, even with the gingerbread man in your wife’s stocking, it wasn’t enough.

Chuck: Nope. My wife has a HUUUGE stocking, huh, San Tom?

Tom: You’ve got that right, Chuck. Luckily I had a toy with me.

Chuck: A toy?

Tom: Yep, so I put that in, right along with the gingerbread man and my candy cane.

Chuck: Oh, what kind of toy was it?

Tom: It was just a toy. Don’t push it, Chuck. But guess what!

Chuck: What’s that?

Tom: Your wife’s stocking still wasn’t full!

Chuck: Well, of course you put something else in, right?

Tom: I couldn’t just leave the job half-done!

Chuck: What was next, San Tom?!?

Tom: Well, you might not know this, but it’s an old Christmas tradition to fill stocking with nuts and fruits.

Chuck: Good Christ…mas. What fruit could you possibly have stuck in my wife’s stocking?

Tom: Well, your wife’s stocking looked like it needed a… banana!

Chuck: Of course it did.

Tom: it was a good, firm banana, not quite ripe yet.

Chuck: Well, that’s good.

Tom: Yes. But your wife wanted more still!

Chuck: Yeah, she gets a little greedy around this time of year

Tom: Well, I saw how her eyes lit up when I brought out the first toy, so I pulled out my Woody!

Chuck: Your woody?

Tom: Yep, I always give out Toy Story gifts during Christmas, so I gave your wife a woody and put it in her stocking.

Chuck: I’m sure she loved your… Woody.

Tom: What can I say? They always love my Woody.

Chuck: And it looks like we’re out of words yet again. Tomorrow will be our regularly scheduled PWND content, do join us again Thursday for part 3 of Song of the Week 30! I’m Chuck.

Tom: And I’m San Tom. Have a ho ho wholesome day!

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