Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bloggaday 45 – Polygamous Apple

Bloggaday 45 – Polygamous Apple
It sounds like Apple is getting polygamous. Yep, right to business for this Bloggaday. For years Apple has been exclusive to AT&T. This relationship has been beneficial for both parties. AT&T has subsidized the iPhone while AT&T gets to carry the most popular phone in the USA. iPhone holds a little over 4% of the cellphone market; that is more than any other phone. It also holds about 15% of the smart phone market.
It has been “leaked” that another Hong Kong company is producing iPhones built with the same technology that Verizon Wireless uses here in the states. Hmm, could that mean Verizon is getting a crack at carrying it? Well, I’m not the kind to speculate…
Anyways, I am curious to see the iPhone on 4Gs. I checked on the speed difference, and I found a website that said it could deliver up to 450Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. Personally, I have to call boolshwashy on that, but if it can actually deliver those kinds of numbers, that would be huge. Both personally and for business, imagine what you could do with that. I would go into detail, but I need to go do a lab report, so figure it out yourself.

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