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Bloggaday 101 – PWND Adjacent Posting

Bloggaday 101 – PWND Adjacent Posting

This week’s Wednesday post isn’t a PWND Bloggaday, but it is PWND adjacent. It’s a contemplation on my works. A little 101 education for you folks.
I’ve been writing for a couple of years now. I want to say Decemberish of 06 is when I actually started a long piece, a series of novels actually. If memory serves, my first venture into writing was actually on the old Adult Swim boards (I’ll post them at the end of the post). According to that, it was April 06. So I guess “few” is more appropriate. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a few years of writing under my belt.
I love working through a story, but actually typing can be somewhat tedious at times. I suppose my 12 words a minute typing speed might have something to do with it. Now I’m not sure how many words a minute I type, but it’s not that great. I have gotten much better over the past few months as my laptop has become my writing hub. I mean, I never really learned where all of the keys are. Luckily, it’s become more instinctive to me now, so it’s not THAT bad. You can’t write hundreds of thousands words and not pick it up a little bit.
Besides improving my keyboarding, I like to think that the writing itself has gotten better. The reason for this post is because I’m starting to go back through my somewhat newer series of novels. I was hoping that I could read a portion and then just rewrite it. It’s a technique I utilized for my FEANBA story. The time between the original writing and editing was enough that I improved enough that it really needed to be done. It also came rather easy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for my book. I fixed a bit here and there, but I just haven’t improved enough to be able to do a complete rewrite. I must say, that’s just freakin’ depressing because I know I wasn’t that good of a writer when I wrote that stuff.
That all boils down to the fact that I have absolutely no idea how “good” of a writer I am. Of course when I say “good,” I could very well mean “crappy.” I’m not sure why I put that last one in “” marks, but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it. Apparently I’ll write 30 words to comment on it, but I won’t push the backspace button a few times and just change it.
My ignorance on my own ability stems from the fact that I don’t really read much. It’s my shameful little writing secret. And it seems odd that a person who likes to write doesn’t read, but that is the enigma that is David Dysart. Somehow or another, I’ve improved, and I’ll cringe when I read some of my older stuff. So I have to of improved, right?
Well, I’ve hit my original content word count as well as another 500 words of terrible writing to close the Bloggaday out, so I suppose I’ll say farewell for now.

Well, here are the things I talked about earlier. I’ve got to say, it was kind of fun going back through AS and seeing some of the stuff I did once upon a time. (The first was a reply to who would win, Vash or Inuyasha. The second was a reply to how the dog on Fullmetal Alchemist lost its leg.)
04-09-2006 03:23 AM
The fight goes down like this. * air gets all smokey * Vash completely unaware that Kagome is 14 of course, starts hitting on her. Inuyasha walks by ,all ready annoyed for some reason or another, concerning Nuraku or Sesshoumaru most likely, possibly seeing the lovely video tape of the two of them together, sees him and decides to try to take care business by growling and swinging his sword the Humanoid Typhoon, which Vash made his dodging seem like an accident by tripping or some other buffoon method of covering his true pimp self. With Vash now safely away from Kagome, Inuyasha throws a windscar, which Vash deflect with 3 shots. Deciding to show off for all of the lovely cutiepies, he gets his angel arm up and shoots it at Inuyasha. The shot gets closer and closer, "Backlash Wave" Inuyasha screams. Vash the stampede counters by shooting a building that bounces off, hits a stone, and breaks Miroku's prayer breads that hold the wind tunnel, causing the tunnel to **bleep** up the backlash wave. With the battleground now clear, Inuyasha charges at Vash. Bang Bang 2 shots hits Inuyasha's knees sending him tumbling to the floor. With Inuyasha no longer a threat Vash scans his surroundings to find Miroku ok and hitting on a few women, amazed at his calmness he decides to buy him a couple of drinks, and they go womanize long into the night, quickly becoming best friends. The End
04-21-2006 01:13 AM
Well, one day Winry was out back chopping wood. All of a sudden Den came running towards her and jumped on the platform she was putting the wood on as she was swinging the axe. It was close, another 1/2 inch and den would gotten hit by the axe. Another day Winry was said that Pinaka wouldn't let her try to attatch the automail to any patients. So that night Ed and Al decided to use alchemy to remove one of Den's leg with the use of alchemy. They sneak into their house, they find Den sound asleep. They walk over to him and draw a transmutation circle. Luckily Pinaka heard them and stopped them though. A couple weeks later Hohenheim secretly came to their little town to see how the boys were doing, but Den saw him and was going to attack him: well Hoho had to protect himself and he knew that that the owner of the dog knew how attach automail, Hohenheim proceeded to use alchemy and made a spike come up from the ground, the spike came up a second to early but still scared him off. A month or two later Winry, Ed, and Al were out playing when they came across a deadly snake, they yelled and Den came a comin'. Den jumped in front of the kids just before the snake coiled up and leaped to them, the snake got closer and closer, it was heading towards Den's leg, faster and faster, then Den caught the snake in his teeth. What was the question again? Oh oh oh that's right, how Den lost his leg. Umm I don't know, How am i suppose to know that?!?!?!

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