Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloggaday 76 – Verbatim, On-The-Job, Bloggaday

Well, I think I’ve already posted my new job as an enumerator her on the Bloggaday, but I’ve finally finished training. During Thursday, my Crew Leader actually had us go out in the field to run some interviews. Since our group didn’t have enough binder, we had to break into groups.
As much as I would like to bore you with the details of the outing, I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to tell, so I won’t tell ya anything. I will say training much faster than expected. It was supposed to be like 24 hours, but it was probably about 18 or so. Unfortunately, I still missed a lot of classes, but it was pretty easy money.
On the speed of the training, it doesn’t appear to have been a universal phenomena for the different groups. Our group leader did appear considerably faster than the “floating crew leader” that took over for a little while. The training kind of just grinded to a stop until our CL (crew leader {the Census Bureau likes their abbreviations}) stepped back in and took over. While it’s not necessarily anything against the floater, but our guy just knew what he was doing, and we all kept up.
Well, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll go get myself some more interviews and bring in the ching from the government… oh and the whole, gather invaluable statistical information for my country… Anyways,
I wanted to say something else, but I don’t recall what it was, so I suppose I will just end it here.

Stand back, I’m a government agent, and I’m licensed to mill… about and ask questions.

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