Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bloggaday 83 – Farewell to Longhaired Hippy Days

Bloggaday 83 – Farewell to Longhaired Hippy Days
You saw it in my eyes yesterday, didn’t you? I was going to get my hair cut. I am no longer a longhaired hippy. Gone are the days of putting flowers in rifle barrels. Now my hair is high and tight. I’ve got to say, it is kind of weird though. My hair has been rather long for quite some time now, and it was a considerable amount of upkeep.
Out of the shower, you can’t just dry it. You’ve got to comb it, maybe dab it a little bit, especially in the back. Comb it again and let it air dry, which takes quite a while. I went through several types of hair products including gels, mouse, and pomade until I finally settled on hairspray, which actually worked extremely well. To get it to lay right, I had to comb it in a certain way, and sometimes wore a beanie, to force it back.
But alas, that is no more, and neither is like six inches of hair. The Bloggaday’s going to have a new look from now on.

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