Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bloggaday 94 – Coach! My Tailbone!

Bloggaday 94 – Coach! My Tailbone!

I’m using my piccaday to create something of stop-motion message. For this little project, I’ve used the same backdrop that I’ve used for the piccaday for the last 3 months. This particular background is courtesy of sitting on my bed. This is actually what I usually do when I’m doing work in my bedroom.
Unfortunately, this seems to come at a price. For the last few weeks or so, my tailbone has been killing me when I sit down. It’s actually been rather excruciating, and sadly, I am not dramatizing for effect.
At first, I didn’t make the connection. I just figured I did something or another and hurt it. Then I thought it might have been because I was sitting at the edge, making me sit a little lopsided, so I sat more center, but it didn’t help much. Then yesterday, I didn’t write my bloggaday or do my piccaday until about 4, and it wasn’t as bad. So I’m going to try changing it up a little bit, but if that doesn’t help, the piccaday is going to be changing venue after that little stop motion greeting.
It’s going to be kind of weird though. Even before I started the Bloggaday, I usually do my work on my bed, sitting against the wall. It’s going to be quite the change if I can no longer do that. I’m done with the tailbone pain though. If sitting on my bed is causing it, then sitting on my bed is gone.
Anyways, today is day 9 of the stop-motion greeting, ranging back to May 11th, but I’ll go into more information when I finish it. Have a good day folks.

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