Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloggaday 96 – The Education Reverberation of a Blogganation Graduation Recollection

Bloggaday 96 – The Education Reverberation of a Blogganation Graduation Recollection

Oh, I’m glad I only have 2 or 3 graduations left. I have no interest reliving yesterday that many more times. Yesterday, I graduated from Crafton Hills College with my associates in psychology.
As it turns out, graduating is something of an all-day event. Rehearsal started at 8:30, but I had to get to campus early to pick up a 2 copies of the brand spankin new Sand Canyon Review. So I bullshizzle for a while and sit through rehearsal.
After that, we head over to the cafeteria for our faculty-served breakfast. Honestly, I was really hoping for some muffins or something, but that is not at all what we got. I figured they could make a Costco run and knock that out nice and cheep. Sure, they can toss some other stuff in, just to keep the masses happy, but really, muffins are good, aren’t they? To the demise of my presumed pleasure, that was not the case. They had a couple of really nice fruit platters (do college folk really eat fruit?). Then they served up some diced potatoes. They followed that with some quiches (with the option of either bacon or spinach). Lastly, there were two slices of ham for each and every one of us.
Now. They did go with a very interesting strategy with the food storage/serving. They served the fruit hotter than the other food… And the fruit was nicely chilled. Now, it may sound like I’m just hammering this breakfast, but I’m just having some fun with it. I’m just channeling my inner 40-year old boy. It went great, and the folks who put it on have my greatest appreciation for giving us, the students, a little slice of honor.
As I said, the faculty were the servers and everything for the breakfast, which was really cool of them. They gave out the three professor of the year awards. One went to Julie Davis, my sociology teacher for this semester. Now, I don’t remember whom it was that I voted for, but since she won, it’s fair to say that I might have voted for her? Yes, I put a question mark there. Next, Perez also won, which was rather fitting since he is actually retiring after this semester. Kind of makes me feel like I did back when I was rooting for Bret Favre to win the Superbowl and retire out on top. Because yes, sharing Professor of the Year with two other teachers is the exact equivalent of Favre winning the Superbowl. I’m sure Perez as a boy would daydream in his classes of the day when his name would be called, and the presenter would greet him in front of the graduating class with “I’m not hugging you.” He is another one of my old teachers. The third guy was for the “part-time” of the P of the Year trifecta. Never heard of him, so he gets exactly 25 words here.

Since this bloggaday is going to run long, I’ll end today’s here and finish it tomorrow.

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