Friday, May 28, 2010

Bloggaday 103 – The Return of Song of the Week

Bloggaday 103 – The Return of Song of the Week

While this is my year-long Bloggaday, I’ve run blogs in the past. Last time, I had regularly scheduled segments that I did throughout the week.
It started with the Song of the Week on Monday where I just gave a song that I had been listening to. The main reason I’m telling you this is because I’m bringing the Song of the Week back. Should pretty much kill 1/7 of my work on the Bloggaday each week. It will be more than it used to be, however. It will be a regular Bloggaday, so that means I’m going to bullshizzle anywhere’s between 1 and 5 hundred words.
Wednesday brought some familiarity since it was the first incarnation of PWND. Back then it was just Poetry Wed-nes-day. I had wanted to wait and reveal all of the acronyms in one Bloggaday, but I’ll explain it here. A couple of months ago, I was looking at something that I labeled “Poetry Wed-nes-day,” and my noggin finally put two and two together and saw the presence of PWND. The reason why I broke Wednesday up in the first place is because when I go to type it, that’s how I break it up in my head. When I started the bit, I just broke it up like that. For the Bloggaday, it stands for Prose Wed-nes-day because that is when I drop story content. The initial conception of PWND was for it to be an umbrella category for multiple subjects (basically anything I could come up with that started with “P”). And honestly, I’ve broken it down to more than just P Wed-nes-day, but I’m posting them on Wednesday and they’ve all been prose, so it looks like I’ll just keep it as is. Though I will say, if it was going umbrella multiple P’s, the title would have been more like “PWND: Prose Edition” than the simple “PWND” tag it gets now.
For Friday, I posted “An Evening on the Fireside with David,” which is basically the Bloggaday except I only did it once a week. I’ve got to say, it was a beach doing it once a week. I have relaxed my standards for the Bloggaday though.
My old blog also included sparser segments such as Podcaster of the Year and Performer of the Month. As I’m writing this, I would actually like to incorporate both of those also. For the Performer of the Month, it ended up being 3 performers from different forms of media, then I crowned an overall winner. I can also give monthly updates for the podcaster of the year. Hmm, I could really fuse the two blogs together.
Well, I was going to actually start the Song of the week today, but I’m already tapping at the door of 500, so I’ll wait for another Bloggaday.

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