Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bloggaday 104 – SotW 1

Bloggaday 104 – SotW 1
As I said yesterday, I’m bringing back my Song of the Week segment.
And here it is, new and improved, clichés and all.

Runnin’ with the Devil
Van Halen

Now, Runnin’ with the Devil gets some pretty good playtime on one of the radio stations I listen to a lot (K-CAL 97.6). I always liked the song when it came on, but I hadn’t gotten it yet on iTunes.
Towards the end of my Music class (Appreciation of Popular American Music), we hit Van Halen and their music video Jump (which really is just the most ridiculous video). One of the guys in class brought up the fact that David Lee Roth (lead singer of Van Halen) started a bluegrass band did a cover of Runnin’ with the Devil. Well, that’s all I had to hear. I had had to listen to that.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t exactly right. There is a Bluegrass cover CD of Van Halen Music: check. David Lee Roth started a bluegrass and appears on the Strummin’ with the Devil CD: check. The bluegrass cover of Runnin’ with the Devil also appears on the CD: check.
Now for wrong. David lee Roth singing that particular cover: no. That cover being awesome: no. I mean it’s not terrible, but not better that Van Halen’s version.
That means in my iTunes, I have the Van Halen version and not the John Cowen version (bluegrass).
You can find the two versions here and decide for yourself

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