Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bloggaday 88 – It’s Been the Worst Explanation

Bloggaday 88 – It’s Been the Worst Explanation

Well, yesterday you got the first 500 words of a new story for PWND. I’m not a hundred percent on what the title will be, but for now, it’s something along the lines of It’s Been the Worst Day. The current name is derived from the Flogging Molly song, The Worst Day Since Yesterday. You can find it on iTunes at
The reason the name is derived from the song is really because it was inspired by it. I should tell you folks that I listen to music a lot. I’ve got one of those snazzy iPhones, so my music player is with me all of the time. iPhone in one pocket and a Zune in my other pocket… No, I wouldn’t defile my pants with a Zune. So I’m always listening to music. When I went in for Census Bureau… Initiation(?). I decided to listen to music after the mandatory 5 hours before the had to give us lunch.
You know what, I wasn’t sure if Word would accept snazzy as a word. Anyways, I’m walking to my car, and I start listening to music. I wasn’t too familiar with my new selection of fine Irish music since I just got the mix CD from someone in class. Now this story doesn’t happen if they stuck us in a building dropped somewhere in civilization. I’m at the Bingo Barn in Adelanto, so the parking lot is just this huge dirt lot. Well, dirt may not be the right word. It implies some form of uniformity. It wasn’t a rock lot, but it was just really shi’ity ground, so when you walk, you occasionally kick up a little cloud of dust and rocks.
So I’m making the trek back to my car, and it just sets me in a mood, and I start clicking things together for a story. Honestly, it’s turning out a little bit different than I originally was thinking. I was going to with a Pulp Fiction/Cowboy Bebop feel with it, but I strayed away from it a bit. What I posted yesterday is what I have written for the beginning, but I know what I want to do with the middle, and I’m writing the ending on my snazzy iPhone.
After I finish it, I would like to write another story introducing another character (which I’ve already have the basics), and then I’ll pin the two against each other in an epic struggle against… Lawful Neutral and Neutral Evil? That’s how I’m going to spin it for the moment. The plot is revealed in the end of this current story
As I’ve written the character has kind of changed a smidgen also. He’s been infused with my old trainer when I used to go to the gym and a guy I that was in my soc class.
Since I’m writing it somewhat out of order at the moment, I don’t know if it’ll make next Wednesday’s PWND, but I’ll jump off of that bridge when I come to it.

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