Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bloggaday 86 – Alexander the Fabulous

Bloggaday 86 – Alexander the Fabulous

Alright, so it is to my understanding that homosexuality was much more prevalent in Greek and Roman times. Alexander the Great himself is rumored to have been gay. I don’t think “rumor” is the right word. I was watching a show a long time ago that said he was.
Funny thing, though. Apparently, his pops wasn’t a fan of that, so he would get him some high-class prostitutes. Am I the only one thinking classic 70’s sitcom?
This is how I’m thinking it went down: Alexander and his childhood friend are doing some nude wrestling (Yes, I know, nude wrestling was Greek, but I’ll be damned if my brilliant vision will be squashed for a difference of a few years and a culture. Afterall, Romans invented elected officials while the Greeks invented Democracy. Close enough for me). So the two are going at it (wrestling, no weestling), and maybe somebody falls on (or I guess in) somebody and maybe Alexander’s dad walks in on them. Well, wackyness ensues and the next thing you know, our young Alexander has got a harem to “adjust his attitude.”
Now, if I’m Alexander, and it was just a big misunderstanding, maybe at the next gladiatorial games (Yes, I know the gladiators didn’t come about until decades after The Great died, but I’ve got some momentum going… sheesh), I mention to dear old dad that Bobicus is looking in particularly good form, or maybe Stevicus’s sword handling is getting much better. Perhaps they would make good sparing partners. Wink, wink.
If he doesn’t get the hint, yous gots to go back and dance with the one that brought you. You find out that your father is coming home at 8pm sharp (yes, yes modern concepts of time. At this point you are invested enough to look past it{right? [I really hope so]}). Anyways, he’s coming home at 8, so you get your buddy over for some more nude wrestling at about 7:45.
Bam, instant harem (not Roman, I know) again. That’s just good ol’ Stimulus -> Response conditioning if you ask me. Stroke, whoops, strike one up for the Behaviorists.
I don’t know, just my take on history.

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