Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bloggaday 84 – And a Happy Mother’s Day

Bloggaday 84 – And a Happy Mother’s Day

Another year has come and gone. A changing of the seasons has brought us another Mother’s Day. I hope all you Mothers out there have a great day. Because if there is one thing you Mothers deserve, it’s a great Mother’s Day.
So be lazy all you Mothers, tucked in bed, perhaps some breakfast in there. Maybe you can read a book all you Mothers. Huckleberry Finn is always a good choice. You deserve some candy, you Mother. Suckers are always a great candy, especially when they have those tootsie rolls in them. Maybe you can go see a comedy show tonight, you Mothers. Tucker, Chris Tucker from the Rush Hour fame is a funny guy. Maybe you could have America’s favorite food, you Mothers. Smuckers would probably be my choice of jelly for you guys though. All in all, you just need to rest you Mothers. Bucker down and just get some R&R.
So to all you Mothers out there, have a great Mother’s Day.

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Wishing all you Mothers a punerific Mother’s Day.

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