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Bloggaday 106 – POM: May

Bloggaday 106 – POM: May

Hello and welcome back to the Performer of the Month. Well, this is POM’s first appearance on the Bloggaday, but as I said a few days ago, it was a regular segment on my old blog.
Anyways, let’s get into the heart of the Performer of the Month. I’m picking it up where I left off. That means I’ll pick 3 performers from three different genres of entertainment and then after pinning the 3 against each other, I’ll crown the last standing entertainer as THE Performer of the Month.
First, from the world of podcasting, the contender is Mike “The Judge” Schmidt.

Next, from the realm of television, Sheldon Cooper, or as no one knows him, Jim Parsons.

And Lastly, a traveler from the land comicly ridiculous badassery, a CRB if you will, a man known simply as Mantracker enters the fray.

Our first contender is Mike Schmidt (not the baseball player). He is currently in his 3rd year hosting the 40 Year Old Boy podcast on iTunes, still in the top 100 of comedy podcasts who got his podcast start on Never Not Funny. He is also a stand-up comedian based in LA. I’ve started to go back and listen to his older episodes, but you can find new episodes every Thursday on iTunes.

From television, Jim Parsons is bringing the heat. I don’t know what else he’s really been in, but he’s pretty good in the Big Bang Theory. He’s plays the rather robotic Vulcan character in the show. He’s the most entertaining character, and since I’ve been watching a bit of the show lately, he get’s my performer of the month nod.

My last pick is a bit of a cheat, since Mantracker is a television show, but I haven’t been making mental notes about who I’d pick as a performer of the month, so TV is being somewhat overrepresented on this POM. Nonetheless, on to the bio. Mantracker is a show on (I believe) on Discover, but it could be Science or one of those other channels. It stars Terry Grant as the Mantracker and a different sidekick each week. These two are given horses and have to find two people trying to get from A to B. I won’t go further into detail, but you get the idea. At first, I was very hesitant watching the show. I had seen commercials for it, and I figured it would be horribly cheesy and absolutely terrible or it would ridiculously cheesy actually great. I ended up getting roped into watching it, and now I watch it all the time.

Okay, as I’m writing this, I’m really not sure whom I’ll pick. I think I’ll take Sheldon out of the running. Since I’m listening to episodes I’ve already heard before of 40 Year Old Boy podcast and Divo has given me a bunch of episodes of Mantracker I haven’t seen, I have to give it to Mantracker.

Podcaster of the Year Update
Even though Mike Schmidt lost the Performer of the Month final cut, he can take solace in that fact that he bagged the first Podcaster of the Year Update.
I figure I’ll add one of these updates for each POM, and whichever podcaster has netted the most months will win the oh-so-coveted title of Podcaster of the Year.

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