Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bloggaday 98 – An iPhone Scare

Bloggaday 98 – An iPhone Scare

We’ve all been through those moments, the moment when losing a loved one is a very real possibility. This happened to me yesterday. I have to say, sitting there, seeing the wires attached to it, is a very emotional thing. When it doesn’t look good, you try to get second opinions, but things don’t get better when you here the same news from different people. Then, as they are all tied into the machines, and the computer doesn’t do anything, is just devastating. Seconds tick by as you hope for it to do something, anything… But it never comes. At this point, you have to go online and find any alternative to save that loved one. Then you find something and hold the home and power buttons until it finally boots up.
Yesterday, I had this scare. My iPhone went dark on me…
I’m not sure why it went out on me, but my working theory was the battery died. Now, I’m the kind of guy who always has my phone/mp3 player with me, and I don’t let it die. If the battery did in fact die, I have a theory about that too. I was taking pictures with it, and I just turned it off. If it somehow turned on, and because it was in the camera app, it never shut off until the battery died.
So, with the assumption that nothing worse than a dead battery afflicting my iPhone, I put it on a wall charger. I gave it a while and tried to turn it on. Nothing. This is when it was suggested that I put it on my computer. Still nothing. I then go online and try to find a way to reset it. Sure enough, Home and Power buttons together, and it reboots.
Despite the gorgeous (ha, it’s coming back from an earlier Bloggaday) outcome, it still scared me. So I emailed my word docs that were written on my phone, and hopefully I’ll do it routinely do it for a while until I get complacent again.
I suppose the heart monitor is beeping again, and the land rejoices.

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