Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bloggaday 95 – PWNED The Clash of Neutrals 1.1

Bloggaday 95 – PWNED The Clash of Neutrals 1.1
I forgot to put this up yesterday, for my weekly edition of PWND
The first piece is broken into the two POV’s of the two main characters. The first character, Marcus, made his Bloggaday debut on Bloggaday 87 (, It’s Been the Worst Day.
I haven’t written the story for the other character, Jacob yet, but it will get written eventually.
Last note, language advisory, and everything that tends to go with such a thing.

The noise… well music blared in Marcus’s head. His concentration fought the vibrations from turning his brains to mush. He pushed the woman off of him and fought his way though the mass of people that oscillated… well slammed into each other to the music.
He had had enough of this place. He didn’t know where Oscar would be at, but they were the only two he had seen in suites, so it wouldn’t be that hard to just stumble-fuck onto him. The fact that they were also almost a head taller than the lot, didn’t hurt.
Marcus plowed through the crowd, but most didn’t pay him much mind. The one who had minded, managed to push him from behind. The troublemaker had only managed to stay off of his ass for a few seconds before Marcus broke his nose and put him there.
With a sigh, he continued through the crowd until he finally spotted Oscar. Didn’t look much like he was earning the grand Marcus was paying him, but he at least had taken the high ground of the VIP area. Nevertheless, Marcus knew he was worth the money. As he approached the bouncer, a baritone cut through the music, “Name?”
Marcus continued stride as he said, “I’ll only be a minute,” and flipped him off. As he cleared the rope, the fact that only scrappers were smart enough to not fuck with him brought a smile to his face. He cleared his way through the snobs until Oscar gave him a nod.
With a returning nod, Marcus told him, “I need to get out of here for a few minutes.”
Oscar shuffled from the crowd, “You shouldn’t be alone.”
He waved him off and said, “I’m just running out for a smoke. I’ll tell you what. If I’m not back in 5, then you can come find me.” As Oscar gave him a nod and started back into the group, Marcus wandered back through the crowd for an exit.

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