Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloggaday 99 – The Acidophilus Verdict

Bloggaday 99 – The Acidophilus Verdict

My quest for Acidophilus milk has come to an end. A number of Bloggadays ago, I told you how I found the elusive milk variance. I’ve actually tried now. A few days ago, I had it with some Frosted Flakes. I must say though, I didn’t really notice a difference between it and regular milk. Granted, Frosted Flakes are pretty flavorful, and probably overpowered any difference between the two types of milk. I also tried the acidophilus milk with some chocolate milk. Again, I didn’t really notice much of a difference. Even if there was a difference, it wasn’t bad.
I’m used to Albertson’s milk, which doesn’t seem to have THAT consistent of a taste across multiple buys. So whatever difference is there, isn’t really distinguishable. Personally, while I like milk, I’m not a fan of straight milk. Put some cereal in there or some chocolate, and I’m good. I guess I can’t speak on the true difference in taste between the two.
On problem though, is the price. I think a half-gallon of Albertson’s brand milk is $1.99. I had to get the acidophilus milk at a smaller market, and it only came in quarts. If memory serves, it was like $1.29 or .39. If I get back down there, I’ll double check the price.
So I suppose the ultimate verdict is my personal recommendation. The only negative is the price, but if you can find a decent sized place that sells it, I think even that would be negligible.

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