Monday, May 17, 2010

Bloggaday 92 – The Confusing World of Naruto Tech

Bloggaday 92 – The Confusing World of Naruto Tech

Well, I’ve cleaned out the Naruto Shippuden on my divo. I suppose “clean out” may imply that I just deleted them, but that was not the case. I actually watched them all. Hmm, now that seems to imply it was something of an accomplishment, a feat if you will. Again, that’s wrong. You should really stop inferring things. It takes too long for me to correct you on your misconceptions.
Anyways, I suppose I could explain the situation to you. Again, you’ll probably think explain means “bore.” Well, you’re finally right for once. But I do have a serious concern about the show after the short siesta.
Naruto is running new episodes every Wednesday and staggering episode from s few weeks ago and playing those every day. Those everyday episodes have finally caught up with the episodes I’ve seen from the new episode lineup.
I was so depressed, I tried slashing my wrists, but I use an electric razor, so the failure was rather epic. See, that wasn’t too bad. One thing that seems rather odd is the technology in Naruto. In the recent reruns, Guy Sensei gave his team and Kakashi little wireless mikes for them to communicate. That’s rather advanced for a world dominated by ninjas. I can get the flame thrower and explosives, after all, they apparently utilize the chakra. Other things in this vein have struck me as odd, but unfortunately, they fail to do so now.
I would imagine the Sand Village is more tech-accurate than the Leaf Village. That Datara guy’s eye also seems very advance for the show. It freaken takes pictures. Their med tech also seems pretty decent. I don’t know, it just seems odd.

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