Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bloggaday 93 – Sloth v Greed

Bloggaday 93 – Sloth v Greed

It turns out that the 7 deadly sins do battle for supremacy in you… well, me. At the moment, Sloth is laying the smacketh down on greed. Not only the smacketh down, it’s stopping a hole in greed’s candy ass.
Now, I wouldn’t exactly call it a fair fight. Several Bloggadays ago, I reported that I was going parle my Census Bureau earnings into a new Mac laptop. I was hoping for 20 hours a week for 10 weeks. At 16.50 an hour, that’s $3,000, more than enough for a new laptop. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing those number.
My district had/has about 1 month (probably a little less) of work total, and that’s with like nobody working for 20 hours a week. I suppose you could take this as a good sign of our nation’s people, and their diligent work at filling out the census and mailing it in. Unfortunately, I’m quite sure that isn’t the case. You see, the Census Bureau (as far as I understand it) tries to get 5 people for every position that they need to fill. This is because they figure after everything, only 1 of the original 5 will eventually fill the position. The breakdown is like so:
1 won’t pass the test
1 will pass the test but won’t go to training.
1 won’t finish training
1 will finishing training, but won’t want the job.
1 will do all of that and then actually do the job.

Turns out, in a really bad economy, more than 1 out of five people will do all of that for 16+ an hour (Heck, in san fran, it’s 22). Redlands is one of those areas. My group just had a crazy amount of people apparently. I’m probably going to end up with about a grand (I’m not sure, they stagger the payments pretty good, so it might end up closer to 1,500), well short of 2,500 I was hoping for.
Once that realization set, that’s when Sloth got the upper hand. With my goal gone, I just kind of lost the urge to go do it. So, with just a few cases left, I’m not putting in as many hours as I was before. Looks like Sloth’s body blows are adding up to a Judge’s Decision. The round is not over yet though, so we shall see.

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