Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bloggaday 81 – The Last of the Dohicans

Bloggaday 81 – The Last of the Dohicans
So today is my last doh, or day of hell as I like to call them. School starts at 11am and ends at 10pm. My dohs occur on Thursday with 4 classes plus a lab. While Tuesday are long, 11-12:30, and then 3-7, it lacks a class at 1 and the lab from 7-10, which makes it feel considerably shorter. Plus, it’s nice coming home for lunch on Tuesdays.
But alas, I shall have no dohs here at Crafton Hills. Finals weeks start next week, so things are starting to wind down. This semester’s class list including
TR 11:00-12:20 Abnormal Psych (103)
R 1:00-3:00 English 127 – The Sand Canyon Review
TR 3:00-4:30 Music 103 – Popular American Music
TR 5:30-7:00 Physics 100 – Basic?
R 7:00-10:00 Physics Lab

MW 5:00-7:00 Soc 105 – Social Problems

I got to say, this was a fun semester. It was a lot of fun learning about the different psychological disorders and whatnot. It wasn’t a really homework-heavy course though.
The Sand Canyon Review was also quite the experience. I was part of the PR group and raised money. It was the first year we actually raised enough money. We actually made quite the surplus actually. Sadly, I didn’t get published, but I’ve started working on a little diddy for next year’s magazine. There wasn’t a lot of typical homework, but there was a lot of out-of-class work that we had to do. I know fundraisers alone were 20+ hours.
Music was also a bit of fun. It was one of my more labor-intensive classes. A lot of reading and study guides. It was nice learning about some of our musical history. I doubt my retention will be that great though.
Physics 100 was one of the better classes I’ve taken at Crafton. I was lucky enough to grasp it relatively well (Excluding the TWC that is electricity which went a little over my head). I learned a lot of really cool stuff (yes, I’m a bit of a nerd), and I had a really good teacher. It’s always kind of nice when you get one who actually cares and knows about education. It’s kind of funny. I started the semester off a little ahead of the reading. The general setup is Read chapters C, Answer the questions for chapters B, and do lab for chapters A. I lost my head start on the reading, but I was still in the CBA format, just not for long. I would then read and then answer the questions for B at the same time. By now, he tends to lecture a little bit on the chapters we are working on, so I’ve been waiting for the lecture, so I can skim the chapters and answer the questions. I’m still kicking @$$ and taking names though, so it’s been working for me.
Social problems was kind of weird. Not much homework except for some papers and 10 hours of community service which we have to give a presentation on. Like half of her tests weren’t actually covered in-class, they were general sociology questions, which was rather odd.
Sadly, I’m now at 527 words, wait now its 532. 533, 544. Anyways, I’ll wrap up this here Bloggaday, describing the last of the dohicans. 549. Word

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