Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bloggaday 16 – TheAvatarJourney Preview – Katara

This AvatarJourney project is dragging. Facebook is much more picky about their members than myspace. Rather than actually creating facebook accounts for each character, it looks like I’m going to have to just create fan pages. Rather disappointing, but se la vie. Here’s a preview for episode two.

Bloggaday 16 – TheAvatarJourney Preview – Katara

Katara Book 1 Chp 2


I never should have went on the ship with @Aangjourney

I’m leaving with @Aangjourney !

Okay, maybe not

I can’t believe they made Aang leave!

The Fire Nation ship is here

Aang is back! And he’s the Avatar? But he’s not blue, and he has 5 fingers

Is going with @Sokkajourney to rescue the Avatar


Once we got back to the tribe, everybody overreacted. Gran Gran and Sokka both jumped on Aang and me for going into the ship. Sokka even thought Aang did it on purpose! After they kicked him out, I decided to take him up on his offer to take me to the Northern Watertribe… only Aang said I shouldn’t. So he left on Appa.
Later that day, there was an earthquake, or so I thought. A ship came with the lunch fog. It was a Fire Nation Ship, but the men who came off of the ship were looking for the Avatar. Sokka tried fighting them off, but it only made the main one upset. Just as he was about to hurt Sokka, Aang came back. He told us all that he was the Avatar, so he went with the men so they wouldn’t hurt us.
Once they left, we all had to start putting the tribe back together. I was going to try to convince Sokka to help me rescue Aang, but for once, he was ahead of me. We took Aang’s bison and it even flew. We finally caught up to the ship, but only in time to see Aang get knocked off of the ship. But then he came out of the water in this huge wave and took care of the Fire Nation soldiers. We went down to take him away, but more soldiers came. I was able to freeze them while we made our escape. Just before we got away, the boy that took Aang from us at the tribe and an older soldier sent a huge blast of fire at us, but Aang was able to blow it into a mountain that caused an avalanched to fall on the ship.

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