Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloggaday 26 – Stimuli and Serenity

Bloggaday 26 – Stimuli and Serenity

Alright, to actually compile a cosplay cast of Avatar, whoops, The Last Airbender, I spent more than a considerable amount of time combing It was always very relaxing though. I do believe I figured out why.
I’m a very go-go-go kind of person. I don’t like doing nothing. I’m not usually the lay in bed just for the sake of doing nothing. I also tend to bombard myself with stimuli. I usually have the TV going or at the very least, some music. Again, I usually do something else while I watch TV or Music. It’s just playing in the background, even when I’m doing homework. There are only a couple of shows that I just sit and watch. Granted, I’m not terribly productive, but I usually do something.
Back to the matter at hand. I usually watched Dirty Jobs when I was going through, and I would just zone out. That seemed to always be the case. I think it offered my noggin some downtime. So again, very relaxing.
I think this is also why I enjoy showers. I often get struck with brilliance or come up with groundbreaking literary ideas when I’m in there. Both situations force me to stop the stream of stimuli that I am compelled to propagate in my everyday life. Perhaps I should take up meditating and keep it up for more than two tries. Meh, theorizing. I’m off to my research group at Crafton.

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