Monday, March 8, 2010

Bloggaday 22 – Democracy, a Fickle Bitc

Bloggaday 22 – Democracy, a Fickle Bitc

I am currently enrolled in Crafton Hill’s English 127 class where we put The Sand Canyon Review together. Herar ->
This last Thursday, our class gathered in a circle and sang Kumbaya. Well, that’s a lie. What we actually did was pick a cover for this year’s magazine. Now, I imagine I can’t go into any details about what pictures were being considered, so I will keep the four pieces anonymous, naming them p1, p2, p3, and p4. I’ll link to them when the magazine is released.
The Art Group (the team that handles all of the art submissions. Among the others, Short Story Group, Poetry Group, Layout Group, and my very own PR group) selected three pictures for the potential cover. The leader of the group, offered a very coherent statement for these three, for both aesthetic and marketing reasons. Personally I agreed with him.
I’ll give my teacher credit. Apparently last year, he had to do a lot of stuff, but this year we have a lot more students, so he’s trying to be hands-off. And for that, he left the room for the vote.
The first picture was ruled out as it was too similar to year one’s cover (I felt p2 was too similar to year 2). We held a quick vote where 4 or so people voted for p2, and almost everyone else voted for p3. We didn’t get a count for p3, so we held it again. Again, p3 won.
The head of poetry wanted to add p4 to the vote. So we tallied up votes for p2, p3, and p4. P4 only got 2 or 3 votes, p2 got a couple, but p3 won yet again. Head of poetry really didn’t like p3, so AFTER the vote, she decided to change her vote.
Guess what, we took p4 out of it and we voted on p2 and p3 alone again. Want to take a guess what happened? No, actually p3 won yet again by 1 vote. Looked like p3 was going to win 7 to 6. But oh no! Head of short story has to vote for some reason. It’s not that he wanted to, he actually wanted noooo part of it, but he was eventually broken, and he said to give it to the picture without 7.
That folks, made it a tie. One of the members of the art group was gone, but it sounded like she would have voted for p3. The head of art couldn’t hold her proxy though. Now, this has taken a while, so the teacher came back. Teacher teacher, it’s a tie, you have to decide which to use. Where’s that facepalm emoticon? Now you’re on the money as to which he chose… P2.
And that’s how I’m going to end this. I ended up staying for the aftermath of this and was a good 20 minutes late for my next class.

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