Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bloggaday 37 – Fab B Speaks on… Dominoes

Bloggaday 37 – Fab B Speaks on… Dominoes

Hello again folks! I’ve got another video for you. Today, I’m going to point you to Fab B Talk on… Dominoes. http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidDysart#p/a/u/0/lQ3V-3Yn0Vk
It is about Dominoes’ new and “improved” pizza they released. I had it yesterday, and it was terrible. Greasy pizza is good, but this wasn’t greasy, it was just buttery. I think the worst part was the sauce though. That was the worst sauce I’ve ever tasted.
I still ate quite a bit of the pizza though. At first, it’s not that bad, but that’s because I was hungry. Then it gets worse, but you don’t want end pizza on a bad note, so I scraped the vile sauce off, but that just didn’t help it much.
Anyways, that’s a hundred words. Peace, chicken.

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